some computer people are still under the impression that filename extensions always have to be 3 or 4 letters long, and that they alone determine what kind of file it is

[renames file.jpg to file.mp3]
LINUX: haha that's kinda funny, still has the jpg header though so Gwenview it is
WINDOWS: aaaaaaaaa help Windows Media Player can't open this mp3 file, it must be corrupt,

@diodelass MAC OS CLASSIC: the type and creator codes are both ???? because you imported this from a cursed filesystem that has not seen the light of metadata, this heretical file must not be opened until it has been blessed by File Exchange or ResEdit

@VyrCossont @diodelass

RISC OS: well, nobody told me what type it is, so i'm calling it Data and opening it in a default text editor

never mind, changing the type is eas- oh, you don't have a 3 button mouse? SOL...

@thamesynne @VyrCossont @diodelass psst, !WinMenu is your friend

(maps the Windows key to middle mouse button)

(and to be fair, Acorn's own hardware for the most part used a Mini-DIN 9 connector and their own pinout for a quadrature 3-button mouse, so you were forced to buy 3-button mice, it's just the modern era where this is a problem)

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