As a follow-on to the last few posts, I am doing dramatically worse this week and can't really guarantee I'll be safe for much longer. Am entering an inpatient psychiatric program at Sierra Tucson tomorrow to hopefully help.

Won't be on here for a while, but I hope you know I love you all very much indeed. <3

This is, without a doubt, the scariest thing I have ever done.

@zetasyanthis you are doing what you need to to look after yourself and that's really important. 💙

@vicorva Thank you for the support. <3 Kinda scared out of my mind at the moment, but I know I have to do this thing. >.<

@zetasyanthis Best of luck! If it's that bad, you definitely made a good judgment call. *offers hugs*

@Leucrotta I am certainly hoping so. Frankly, I need the help from somewhere fairly desperately, and I'm hoping this is a good place to start. >.<

@zetasyanthis please don't accept harmful treatment! You are worth of care that helps! Good lift, Safe landing!


I am not planning to. This is 100% voluntary, and I've grilled the hell out of them before showing up tomorrow. <3

And thanks. <3

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