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If I ever learn to write... /as I must/, I am going to scare the hell out of people. I /should not be alive/, and I am going to pour that, and every single tear and heartbreak and all the love I have for every single one of you into this until I /crack the world in half/.

Zeta's 2021-2022 hospital journey (MH, sui, etc) 

Zeta's 2021-2022 hospital journey (MH, sui, etc) 

Zeta's 2021-2022 hospital journey (MH, sui, etc) 

Zeta's 2021-2022 hospital journey (MH, sui, etc) 

Zeta's 2021 hospital journey (MH, sui, etc) 

Zeta's 2021 hospital journey (MH, sui, etc) 

Home. Sleepytime. (Yes, I'm safe in the MH sense. I start PHP on Monday, but I get a small break here.

When she told her parents she was pregnant, they sent gifts - a sword and a writing desk - for the child, and asked that she and her husband made sure the child was taught to use them both "for defence and offence as need be".
"One for a boy, one for a girl?"
"Both, for either."
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Currently at Sierra Tucson in residential care. Expecting to be here a while and I know insurance has at least approved through 12/3.

Going to focus on connections and poem posting so folks know where I'm at!

(I basically have like 40 minutes here to post stuff nightly between 6:00-6:40)

Following up on my psych journey, my schedule and movements so far has been... fun. xD

This is, without a doubt, the scariest thing I have ever done.

As a follow-on to the last few posts, I am doing dramatically worse this week and can't really guarantee I'll be safe for much longer. Am entering an inpatient psychiatric program at Sierra Tucson tomorrow to hopefully help.

Won't be on here for a while, but I hope you know I love you all very much indeed. <3

To clarify: It's a matter of where, not if. I really do need the help. >.<

Seriously considering admitting myself to Sierra Tucson for PTSD treatment tomorrow, or at least early next week. Anyone who's had any experience with similar programs, or has even gone there themselves, I'd love to hear from you. >.<


The raven shuffled her wings. 'It's all wonderful, I just ... don't understand why she went to all this trouble. What does she expect in return?'

The cat blinked slowly. 'Nothing. But she's a bit foolish and needs looking after. You can help me if you want.'

The raven thought she probably would.

#microfiction #TootFic

The cat guided the raven around the hut. 'And here's your perch, and she's decorated the tree out there with little mirrors for you ...' The cat boffed his head against the window.

'Uh ... you can sleep in this bed. You can sleep in mine if you like but I will probably sit on you ... are you all right?' The cat's whiskers quirked.


#microfiction #TootFic

A giant feral wolf who will politely interrupt the Current Discourse with, “Excuse me, but I believe you need to consider these important points,” showing off her teeth, then eating you

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