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If I ever learn to write... /as I must/, I am going to scare the hell out of people. I /should not be alive/, and I am going to pour that, and every single tear and heartbreak and all the love I have for every single one of you into this until I /crack the world in half/.

Figures the colleges would have their shit together, and University of Arizona definitely does. :)

(I'd been waiting because holy shit the stress around even /looking/ for appointments. The US is seriously messed up sometimes. >.<)

Scored a drive-through COVID vaccine appointment for this afternoon! Apparently that was easier than I thought! O.o;

Well that's new. I woke up to Suki being /in/ the comforter cover. XD

And I have to say, though I've not used it to measure any external signals yet... that DSOX1204G is pretty impressive already, even in just barely starting to play with it. Really slick design. (Not that I'd expect any less from Keysight, though!)

Stupidly excited that my first oscilloscope and lab PSU arrived today. Getting the electronics lab rolling finally! :D

Aces. :asexual_flag:
I don't know what to paint for the other court cards.

LB: Highly recommend their work. Books and Bone was <3.

Please check out my new novel NON-PLAYER CHARACTER, now on Kickstarter!

🏳️‍🌈 all queer cast
👋 autistic protagonist
🤗 a found family of TTRPG nerds
💜 asexual romance
🐉 shapeshifting
🐐 weird magical creatures
🐝 giant bees
🎲 playable TTRPG

The pentagram glowed, and the demon appeared.
"Hi, what can I get you?"
The demon handed over a list.
"Mhm, uh-huh, cool. I've got this."
"Um," said the demon, "are you sure this is..."
"They summon me to learn forbidden knowledge."
"And they'll get it. I am a librarian."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Like, the EE in me is just horrified beyond words. XD

Last night I was up way too late because brains, and found this absolute gem of a disaster: "For absolute maximum performance, design with absolute maximum ratings!" XD

My partner threw their pillow to the other end of the bed, so of course Merlin immediately crawled under it.

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