It's Tuesday! Let us stretch our minds as we stretch our bodies.
Ask us anything!

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If you could be any kind of noodle what kind of noodle would you be.

Would this noodle have sauce or soup with it?


Bitch, I *am* a noodle.

But... dao xioa mian, stir-fried, with peanut sauce.


That is indeed a valid yoga position! You assume Corpse Pose at the end of a session to give your body a chance to recover from what you just subjected it to.


I'm not sure I can make room for 9 hours of "Corpse Pose" into my workout.


I think you might want to make room for a few slightly more active poses first 😇


you have found a magical stick. it will summon a historical figure of your choice, which you may hit with the stick for 12 hours. then they will disappear, and the stick will catch fire.

who do you hit with the stick?

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