1) 8 string tenor ukulele - must pick it up today from store!
2) Still Injured.
3) Ow.

"Falling up a mountain" is a climber's term for when, on a safety line, you lunge like crazy for a handhold that's just out of your reach but, as you miss and begin sliding back down, you catch yourself on a handhold that's still farther up the mountain than where you were.
Do this enough times, and you've successfully "fallen up a mountain".
53 years of falling up mountains so far.

1) some songs take 14 tries to get it recorded correctly all the way through
2) the “live mic” channel can be de-monitored so that you don’t hear that lovely room noise while playing back your dumb song
3) I must remember that “real” musicians take days, weeks, occasionally months to get decent tracks

This has been a recap of Recording Day 1: The Cussening

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