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Javid's hissy fit on the front page of the Mail is hilarious! for one thing, it's blatantly untrue - Labour stood a candidate in Hiverton & Toniton, as did the LDs in Wakefield; for another, it ignores the fact that the voters in each constituency appear to have determined for themselves, very successfully, how best to bounce the Tory; but last of all, it does open the door to Labour and the Lib Dems saying "no, there's no pact yet - but do you folks think there should be?" and actually forming an electoral alliance, not in secret, but right out in the open with the support and approval of three fifths of the country

(i know, it won't happen, but a girl can dream...)

how worried should i be about my lower left leg having a 5% greater diameter than my right?

Send me proof of a donation in any amount to an abortion fund or reproductive justice organization, and I'll send you a free download code for Roar of Alliance.

the only thing that will work is real collective action. such as collectively and actively burning down the homes of oppressors

The US doesn't stand for anything we say we do. We don't care about liberty and justice for all. We aren't the land of opportunity. We're in a tyrannical police state that has lost any semblance of common sense. I don't think we should bother pretending we're the best anymore.


I have nothing to add other than my deepest sympathy for anyone living in the US. An attack on liberty anywhere is an an attack of liberty everywhere.

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"A stolid, unflappable presence, Lynch just isn’t fazed by “nonsense”, like Tory MP Jonathan Gullis’s attempt to make out that the RMT and strikers don’t care about veterans, or that they should be apologising to doctors and nurses. You can smell the desperation, and in a way, I do feel for Gullis, MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, because it all seems so transparent to me.

Quick! Bring out our beloved NHS (where nurses are forced to use food banks, but don’t mention that bit) and the brave armed forces! That’ll get Joe Public up in arms against people who have the temerity to use their bargaining power after negotiations failed in a raging tornado of a cost of living crisis!"

She gets it. ^_^

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calling these strikes "Labour's strikes" is more likely to fix in the public mind that they'll go away if Labour get into government than anything else. when you've been in power for twelve unbroken years, you really don't get to say "it's all the other lot's fault" without sounding... well, frankly, like you need to go home and have a little lie down for a couple of parliaments

Electricity used to mine bitcoin plummets as crypto crisis widens

> Consumption down by third since 11 June, with even sharper falls among other cryptocurrency networks

I am very okay with this. More of this please.

on the other hand, the opsix native plugin is $149 right now, and - i dunno. £122, plus £39 for a CM3 to run it on, plus maybe £19 more for a decent audio DAC... is a dedicated 3 octave keyboard (with no aftertouch!) and control surface (sort of, ish) really worth £250?

... no, it isn't. and given that the opsix plugin clearly runs on Linux when it's in hardware, their refusal to offer a Linux version of the plugin is just a kick in the teeth.

so i guess not - it's still leaving me with a bitter aftertaste... oh well.

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ooh, the opsix is down to £432.50 from a couple of places... i know i bounced off it last time i got one, but i do wonder whether it's going to be like the Blofeld, where i finally got a keeper at the third attempt

i could do those using an app, i suppose, but i have a real problem persuading myself that a phone is trustworthy enough to hold information like my Amazon account password

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oh no. now i have to learn bitlbee and an irc client...

and yet, if it means i can finally ditch firefox for all but occasional Amazon purchases and the weekly shop, then so much the better!

i love living on a joke island that's slowly socially decaying. it's great. would recommend.

very much hoping that this afternoon's predicted rain will cool this damn house down

also very much hoping that it *does actually bloody rain*. otherwise i'm going to be out there with a hosepipe, watering the roof ( you do)

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Hooray, the Tories lost Wakefield and Tiverton & Honiton 🎉

I think we - trans people - all assumed that things were only going to get better as time went on for people coming out

"Can you imagine coming out now?" Etc.

I'm terrified that will become "can you imagine having come out ten years ago?"

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