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covid, gallows humour 

uspol, economy, relief package 


covid adj, asociality 

covid adj, asociality 

huh. just got a letter through today from the psychiatrist i walked out on about a year ago, offering me a phone appointment on 28 April (at 11.30am)

not sure what to make of that - whether it's in addition to the care co-ordinator's appointments, or the result of 2 branches not talking to each other, or what...

i'll ask the care co-ord when she next rings (in a little under a fortnight)

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executive dysfunction vs blood sugar 

Z80 vs floating point (more) 

No good billionaires; covid (-) 

Z80 vs floating point (185 words) 


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I posted this question before, but I don't recall receiving a response. Could be nobody knows, or it's just that nobody saw the message. I'm hoping the latter.

Any #nmigen users out there targeting Lattice iCE40 family #fpga s? Anyone know how to use a PLL in nMigen? Thanks!

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