fuck off summer

(and of course, wednesday - the temperature peak - is when i'm supposed to go to the dentist... that'll be fun :-( )

re LB: i was going to say that my favourite version of this was this one, which i found at teepublic - but then i tried to search and cloudflare sat around for half a minute and then demanded that i fill out a captcha before letting me progress, at which point i decided that was teepublic's way of telling me that they didn't really want my business after all

anyway... this one:

uk pol 

wait - did Wes Streeting always look like a digitally de-aged Keir Starmer, or is that new?

this looks like a painting, but it isn't

from Wikipedia:
"A rare gathering of three ex-LNER A4 locomotives at Grosmont, North Yorkshire Moors Railway, during the LNER Gala. Reminiscent of the 'Top Shed' scene of the 1950s, 60009 "Union of South Africa", 60007 "Sir Nigel Gresley", and 60019 "Bittern" line up alonsgide each other at 7:30am, as they are prepared for service." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:A4s

ohhh wow. i'm using a LOT more data than i thought i was - about 16GB a day

that'll do nicely, especially for £15pm! (the download is only about 50% faster than it was before; but the upload speed is almost 9 times better

BT also sent me two VoIP phones that will apparently Just Work with the thing. which is handy, given that they also give me 700 minutes a month

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