covid, uk pol 

much as i appreciate the relaxing effects of Make America Kittens Again, i think sometimes it's just a little... overenthusiastic?

ok, this is really prodding my curiosity - because i think i recognise it, but i'm not sure

does anyone else recognise where this stock photo (used for this article: ) was taken?

covid, lockdown 

every time i see the Orange Pi PC2 i get twitchy. the angles of those chips are just *wrong*

covid adj, fuck tim martin 

uk pol, silly 

Um... Oops

(Image shows a window with two stickers asserting that it is locked and cannot be opened. The window is, nonetheless, open. For some reason i can't enter image descriptions on my phone)

us pol, the squad 

heatwave, shouty 

spiders, cartoon 

meanwhile, this, from a different pair of noise cancelling headphones, amused me because i am six

uk pol, bbc bias 

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