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shit, this is just scary as all hell

there are 2 mechanisms by which the constitution may be amended; only one has ever been used. the far right are trying the other one - and if they succeed the constitution of the US may end up being utterly unrecognisable

i've wondered for a while now whether the ultimate project of the far right in the US is to essentially reverse the outcome of the civil war. i'm more convinced than ever now that this is the case... and fucking glad i don't live there.

(though here in the UK, we have our own problems. not least is the fact that there's no consittution to rewrite - just an honour code which has inevitably collapsed under the novel absence of honour in the Tory party)

us pol, outside perspective, feel free to ignore 

It's truly terrifying.
There will be a strong racist contingent happy with that possible outcome, but I suspect a less grand vision from those driving things - to simply establish a neoliberal authoritarian state where the public never have a say in decisions - they can then do whatever they want, from repealing slavery to abolishing schools and sending kids to the mines.
The US far right make the Taliban look liberal.

us pol, outside perspective, feel free to ignore 

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