Would you watch a livestream focused on Apple II vintage computing?

It would be a very small hangout kind of livestream.


@maddiefuzz where does "if i watched livestreams i totally would" fit in?

@thamesynne I think “not really my thing” fits, if livestreams aren’t your thing at all. :)

@maddiefuzz ok, that's what i chose - but i would avidly read the post-game write-up, if that helps!

@maddiefuzz (or the post-coding write-up and source code. if i watched livestreams, i'd be saying "yes, do both". sorry, i didn't mean to inadvertently suggest "please play games" ;-)

@maddiefuzz oh cool! i remember checking this out when you first posted it ;-)

@thamesynne was that you that asked for the link? 🙃 sorry, that thread got a lot of attention.

@maddiefuzz @thamesynne I see you are looking for help in including image data directly into the executable. You were saying that you get I/O errors if you tried.

I'm curious, how did you try? I'm thinking if you left the program origin at $8000, and tried to include 8K of binary data, that would have pushed your executable to overwrite memory starting at $A000, which I think might be where Applesoft Disk BASIC resides on a 48K system.

I'm just wondering, never having done Apple II development, if you set the origin to $6000, include the binary data, then place the code after that (so that the code still starts at $8000), if that would work. Might be worth a shot at some point in the future.

@vertigo @thamesynne Your intuition is correct. 4am helped me debug this issue, but I guess I didn’t document it in the git repository.

I set the origin to $6000 and it works fine. Although I placed the code before the binary data, and made sure execution never flows into the data portion. I didn’t try accessing the data though, which does seem trickier if I put it after. I just verified the I/O error was resolved. I was clobbering something between $8000 and $A090 ish

If the code is after the binary data, I’m not sure how you would start execution at the code portion. I naively would guess it has something to do with my linker segment configuration, but I’m just guessing.

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