uk pol, systemic induced poverty 

remember while reading this that while Britain isn't quite the sixth richest country in the world any more, it is far from poverty-stricken, and this situation is the result of deliberate political choices

this isn't a "cost of living crisis", this is the result of 12 years of decisions to deliberately broaden and worsen poverty. calling it a "crisis" as if it's only just shown up lets the tories off a hook they should be swinging from

uk pol, systemic induced poverty 

in fact, Britain, by 2016 and 2020 rankings, is the *fifth* richest country in the world. when considered by per-capita GDP, it falls, but is still within the top couple of dozen (level pegging with Japan)

uk pol, systemic induced poverty 

@thamesynne cost of living with the tories crisis

uk pol, systemic induced poverty 


Archive link, to avoid giving the Transphobian clicks:

"One single mother-of-three said: 'At the moment, everything is really crazy. Everything is hard. When I used to go shopping for the week it was £30, maybe £35. Now if you go to pick up a few things that you need it’s £60 or £70. It’s a shock. We’re trying to reduce. There’s a charity behind where I live, so sometimes I go there to get food.'"

Yet still we're told inflation is "only" a few percent. =:P

Not, of course, that the government could actively *do* anything, like, say, cap energy prices and stop this blatant profiteering..

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