score one more for corvids!

some scientists wanted to track some magpies. the magpies decided they weren't having any of this nonsense, and within three days all of them had divested themselves of the scientists' "unremoveable" trackers - the first tracker having been removed not half an hour after it was fitted. moreover, they were observed collaborating in the removal of the trackers

apparently the idea that animals who are known to be social might act collectively and altruistically is "thought-provoking". i'd humbly suggest that anyone having trouble with that idea *needs* their thoughts provoked a little, since they're clearly having trouble making it up on their own...

and TIL that Australian magpies are not in fact corvids at all - so i was wrong, but i'm even more delighted about this :-)


Not corvids! Butcherbirds, Corvids are well known for this shenanigan

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