people who share en.m.wikipedia links, are you intentionally choosing to do that, or is it just happening because you post from a mobile phone?

@thamesynne sites that hard code mobile into the URL are frustrating, as if you follow a non mobile link to Wikipedia it'll become mobile if you're on your phone but if you follow a mobile link on your desktop it stays mobile

@wolfie @thamesynne I use the app when on mobile now. When sharing it nicely provides the desktop URL

@michel_slm @thamesynne ah nice, I don't think I've tried sharing from the app yet

@thamesynne For me personally, it's unintentional (i.e. I'm probably on mobile and forgot to remove the "m."), but I've also seen people say that they genuinely prefer the mobile page even on desktop, so that's what they're intentionally linking to.

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