today i discovered that you can update your phone number in Paypal, including deleting your old phone number... but if you have that phone number set as a 2FA device, it will continue to be so set until you explicitly remove it.

fortunately, i was just rejuggling SIMs, rather than changing my phone number because the old one was gone; but something to beware of if you have a phone number as your only 2FA device - change in 2FA first!


yup we lost a paypal account to similar nonsense to that.

and paypal is setup so their support explicitly cannot do anything to work around 2fa no matter what.

@nautilee sorry to hear that!

one of the things i'm training myself to do is to ensure that there are always two different methods of 2FA on anything that requires it

(thread missing CW) psa for paypal users 

@thamesynne I ran into a similar problem myself in the past with my Nintendo account. I got a new phone, and forgot I had Google Authenticator installed on the last one, and had 2FA on my Nintendo account.

I couldn't simply reinstall Authenticator and authenticate that way, so I had to contact support to have 2FA removed, oops.

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