thinking of writing a 'how to adult' book to explain all the day-to-day shit that's never taught:

- who cleans the toilet cleaner (spoiler: you)
- what the fuck do you do with an old mattress
- bugs: when are they a problem and when are they chill?
- lifehack: a co-working space with a better movie selection than netflix, no membership fee, and professional researchers on location, all for FREE (a millennial re-discovers libraries)
- turning strangers into friends

any other ideas people have?


@paranoid i especially need an answer to the mattress question

@thamesynne here's a quick summary:

- depending on where you live, you can schedule a "bulk trash pickup" with the city and they will come and take it
- if you a buying a real expensive mattress for the first time, often the mattress people will have a 'white glove' service that includes taking the old one
- you can give it to a sibling/friend who are moving into their first apartment
- SOME charities will take them, but not very many so you'd be on the phone a lot and might not get anywhere

@paranoid @thamesynne Related to the charity point: Some states don't allow their re-sale.

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