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since i've been on RISC OS again, i've been spending some time with my favourite word processor / spreadsheet / thingy, Fireworkz. it's not really compatible with anything else (although I think the Windows version will have a go at Excel spreadsheets), its keyboard bindings are very much more "standard for RISC OS" than "standard for anything else", the word processor doesn't have widow/orphan control, and I don't know if it's anywhere near as powerful as Microsoft Office or LibreOffice - but it does support style sheets & document templates, it has a comprehensive macro language built it (one of the example documents is a game of Minesweeper!), and it isn't anywhere near as *huge* as other office suites either - the Windows download is just 2.1MB!

who am i to say i'm tamsyn @thamesynne

oops, i didn't have room for the link:


but... yeah. as far as i know, files are cross-compatible between windows and RISC OS versions... although there's no linux version, which is unfortunate (but the source is provided, for anyone who fancies a go at it - maybe winelibs would help?)

now i just need to persuade myself that i can justify the cost of a PiTop, so i can have a RISC OS lappy. i could emulate it on the Alleged Laptop, but it's just not the same...

btw, Fireworkz' current memory usage on my RISC OS box, while editing a 50 page document: 2016KB. it was 2048KB a moment ago, but it seems to have freed up 32KB in the meantime.