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meta, twitter crossposts 

if you really feel the need to crosspost something from the birdsite as a screenshot, could you please at the very least copy the text of the tweet and paste it into the image description?

and if you can't do that, then could you please wait until you are at a client which allows you to?

otherwise you're expecting someone else to do a full transcription for the sake of you doing two keychords.

thank you.

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PSA: if i've boosted something and then transcribed it, there is absolutely no point in @'ing me in your replies about the content of it, because literally all i've done is write the transcription. it'd be like complaining about the amount of swearing in a Tarantino film to the person writing the subtitles.

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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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tamsyn's one sentence guide to relative peace and harmony in the fediverse (or just, you know, being polite):

If you read something someone wrote, and you find you really disagree with it, but they didn't @ you - DON'T @ THEM.

...damn. talking to my mum always leaves me emotionally ragged. i thought this would be an exception, but surprise! it's not :-(

uk pol, tenants' rights? hah! 

so "we'll abolish no fault evictions!" was the bait. were you wondering what the switch was? here it is: anyone awarded less than £100k in a legal action will only be able to recoup fixed fees, no matter how much the action cost. which at a stroke makes all but the simplest of civil cases untenable, and therefore all but the clearest of civil laws unenforceable - including virtually all housing cases, even those where people have been illegally evicted and had their possessions stolen by the landlord (and honest to god, i am disgusted that such things even happen in this country without someone being thrown into prison as a result... but i guess theft has always been a little-people crime)

ther's a dog out the back having an *absolute world class tantie*

uk pol 

they're not even bothering to pretend any more

it's not that the British establishment wasn't always hopelessly corrupt - but at least the appearance of relative integrity was maintained. no longer

note to self: if you have a useful command that you use more than once, but whose arguments you will never remember, put it in your bash profile as a function as soon as you think to do so!

just once it would be so lovely if a command i intentionally put into the bash history two reboots ago, and have extensively reused since, was still fucking there when i needed it after the second reboot

i don't know how bash works out which history to keep and which to discard - only that it gets it consistently, infuriatingly wrong

@thegibson Fear? They don’t know fear. Not yet.

Don’t worry, though. We’ll teach them.

Poltergeists respond to the Mommy Voice (“You know you’re not supposed to do that, cut it out.”) But demons? Oh, my beloveds. You want to get rid of those?

Laugh at them.

There’s a reason why nazis and authoritarians come for the satirists with a vengeance.

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i see we're at the "the only reason we're lying in a broken heap at the bottom of a sharp drop is because too many treacherous people didn't believe enough when we leapt off the cliff" stage of proceedings now

uk pol 

> " And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover,
> To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
> I am determined to prove a villain"
> -- Shakespeare, 'Richard III'

i fear this is where we are now with the Prime Suspect. so does Sonia Purnell, who probably knows better than anyone:

> "[H]e knows too well that there is only one button left in his toybox, the one marked self-destruct. He would rather not go out on a whimper but a very big bang."

he still wants to leave his name in the history books. i believe he is no longer particular as to how.

It is wise to listen to marginalized groups when they describe their threat model... particularly Trans folks, POC, and women.

They have been threat modelling their entire lives.

They are innately better at it than you. They have to be to be here telling you about it.

So put your shields down, and listen.

(aside to LB: also do not fly the UK flag upside down as a protest, because *nobody will notice*

DO NOT FLY THE US FLAG UPSIDE DOWN AS A PROTEST. This isn't a respect thing, it's literally the universal symbol of emergency duress to signal that you need someone to check on you discreetly for emergency assistance. It means your life is in immediate danger and you need assistance *now*.

You *will* get neighbors, paramedics, firefighters, or worse, a cop, knocking on your door to check if you're OK if you do this.

a surprisingly good article in the Guardian (hence the proxy) about the effect of ADHD on finances - and the ability to manage things like a weekly shop

reminded me vividly of the time i stopped being able to focus on what i was buying in Morrisons because they had some godawfulmusic blaring out and i just wanted to get the hell out of there, so i just started heaping everything i liked the look of into my trolley, and only when i got to the checkout did i realise that (a) i wouldn't be able to store half of it - my fridge freezer just wasn't that big, and (b) while i could afford the £160 it rang up as, i sure as hell couldn't afford to throw away £80... and had to abandon the whole lot and do it again another day

Let me be very clear: Safe, free and legal abortion is a fundamental right that is much bigger an issue than „choice“. A society that allows the cruelty of forced birth is not a free society. Not for anyone with a womb. Not for men either. This fight is a collective one.

note to self: remember to restart firefox after you xbps-update your system

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