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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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just caught up on my listening requests. seriously, people, you have to let me know, 'cause i'll never notice otherwise! (and sorry, everyone i just accepted requests from, for the delay)

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not that i get many follower requests anyway, but if you do put one in and i haven't noticed it for about 24 hours, @ me; ive heard they don't pop up as notifications (strange design decision, that) and i won't remember to check...

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plurality, selfies, total body dysphoria 

re LB: i have six desks in this house and they are all full of random stuff that's been parked there "until i can find a better place for it"

unexpectedly delightful track graced my radio stream this morning: Yellow Lazarus - Dead Slot Machines

...which also reminds me that the 5th demo of Mezzano should hopefully be along soon, given the dates of the first 4

well, this looks interesting - Chris Hinsley, the guy who created Taos / Tao OS / Elate / Intent / whatever they ended up calling it, has made something called ChrysaLisp, which at first glance looks quite similar...

(the reason i *remember* every year is that i have asthma and my doctor writes to remind me - but... yeah. free stuff.)

heh i should probably not mention that my sole reason for getting the flu shot every single year is "yay free stuff" ;-)

you can drop the student out of university...

us pol 

has there seriously been nothing new or notable said about distributed garbage collection since 1998, wikipedia?

also, tfw you can't focus on the bus times you need to look up because of the lousy font rendering...

ah! that's how you stop Calibri from looking so dreadful in freetype:

<match target="font">
<test name="family" compare="eq"
<edit name="hinting">

(i'm also not sold on this whole "config file in XML" thing, but also get off my lawn etc)

@thamesynne otoh, C++ comes off about as pleasantly as talking to a roomful of lawyers, so

i have a confession to make

i have never understood why people like python so much

i mean, i don't outright loathe it (and nor is it likely to give me flashbacks in the same way perl is - my last permanent full time job came to an abrupt end after i sat down in front of a screenful of perl, which i'd been hacking on for a few weeks before then, and realised i couldn't understand a word of it), but... there's just something really annoying about it that i've never quite got to grips with it

like, it's entirely too pleased with itself or something... if that makes sense?

all my processors are either too old or too puny to be bothered by CacheOut

cool, i guess?

From a friend of a friend, my new favorite answer to "how are you":

"New liver, same eagles."

i know ppl like the love witch but anna biller has literally said that non binary people are coming for feminists and trying to erase the word woman

Nicholas Parsons 

Union leaders behaving badly 

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