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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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not that i get many follower requests anyway, but if you do put one in and i haven't noticed it for about 24 hours, @ me; ive heard they don't pop up as notifications (strange design decision, that) and i won't remember to check...

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plurality, selfies, total body dysphoria 

having a hard time dealing with people believing AI gets better on its own over time without immense testing and manual refinement by the programmer(s) until it is within the scope of what it should be doing, which THEN leads into extensive training and moderation ensure the training is refining the AI skills appropriately.

this isn't a hot new take or anything, especially with the past cases of stuff like twitter's auto-crop, but im running into it again with python and it's so aggravating lol

how to kill ground loops when every socket in your home is on a single ring main... which you know from trying (and failing) to use powerline Ethernet a few years ago is noisy as fuck

There is another fediverse search engine thats scraping everything from the firehose


Thanks to @fanta for uncovering it

dental shit 

Does anyone know what sort of things are helpful for a therapist to write in a supporting statement for PIP?

dental shit 

DWP, forced work etc, ukpol "disability strategy" 

urgh. somehow my headphones have ended up with the right side 3.5db louder than the left... which, of course, means everything sounds like it's panned halfway to the right, because my ears are ridiculously sensitive to volume differences :-(

is there a clear, concise specification of ActivityPub anywhere, sufficiently detailed as to enable a clean-room implementation?

Was struck with a bit of a curiosity, so: are you familiar with web forums - online communities where people can post messages in threads and catch up on the messages that were posted since they last checked - and how old are you? :boost_requested:

@packbat I used to describe Mastodon as a BBS wrapped in a social media app. It looks like Twitter but if you mess around with it for a while you start to get BBS vibes.

oh... wait.

apparently someone sent it to newcastle for delivery.

newcastle is about 70 miles north of here... i'm guessing the driver was telling the exact literal truth; he couldn't gain access to the door of a shop in a village he'd likely never heard of!

uk pol, fascism in motion 

they wanted a contact number. this being an amazon hub counter, i was somewhat surprised that they didn't already have that information. the person (assuming it was) on the other end of the chat gave no inkling of knowing what an amazon pickup location even was - from their perspective, i'm sure all they saw was someone irrationally refusing to give their contact info for a redelivery

anyway... long story short, i've requested a cancellation of that order and have reordered for delivery to the local post office instead

so apparently someone tried to deliver my teapot to my chosen delivery location today (the Amazon Hub Counter at a local shop)

i got a note saying delivery had failed because the courier couldn't gain access

at 2pm. the shop is open until 10pm daily.

so this was... strange. but then i made the mistake of trying to contact Amazon for help, and that was just plain Kafkaesque

re LB: everyone sentenced so far pleaded guilty.

in cases like this, with charges as contentious as these, NEVER PLEAD GUILTY. the courts look to make an example of protesters - not least, because if you plead not guilty and mount a decent defence (eg acting in the public interest) you stand a rather better than average chance of being acquitted.

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