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meta, twitter crossposts 

if you really feel the need to crosspost something from the birdsite as a screenshot, could you please at the very least copy the text of the tweet and paste it into the image description?

and if you can't do that, then could you please wait until you are at a client which allows you to?

otherwise you're expecting someone else to do a full transcription for the sake of you doing two keychords.

thank you.

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PSA: if i've boosted something and then transcribed it, there is absolutely no point in @'ing me in your replies about the content of it, because literally all i've done is write the transcription. it'd be like complaining about the amount of swearing in a Tarantino film to the person writing the subtitles.

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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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tamsyn's one sentence guide to relative peace and harmony in the fediverse (or just, you know, being polite):

If you read something someone wrote, and you find you really disagree with it, but they didn't @ you - DON'T @ THEM.

@mark @perigee IBM just makes large computes. During the Holocaust, they made them for Hitler and serviced them in his concentration camps. The machines were used to classify/code the prisoners. IBM was not a moral authority either. They weren’t even Nazis. It was just business.

It matters who you do business with. It matters who and what you enable. It’s never just about the computers.

meantime i just realised that the reason this room wasn't warming up was that the radiator in here is completely cold - which caused me a moment of panic until i realised i had a vague memory of turning it off earlier.

so yeah, i'm doing fine 🔥 🐶 🔥

honestly at this point i'm waiting for eben upton to announce "you lot never made this fuss about surveillance tech when you were getting your covid vaccines"

then the snake will have finally swallowed its own tail

RPi meta 

The statements to Buzzfeed from RPi are significantly more damning than the fedi behavior imo.

Describing this as a "culture war", making the baseless (and false) claim it was organized and not organic outrage, claiming the cop is good for perpetuating the war on drugs, throwing shade at CWs...

It feels very much like an attitude we've all already seen from the right.


More Pi 

I haven’t blocked the Pi foundation server yet, I was hoping someone there would see sense and start trying to turn it around. Instead they’ve doubled down on their narrative and added gaslighting and conspiracy theories.

It’s a sad day that I have to block a company that has done so much good in the STEM community and billed itself as a continuation of the experimental computing age of old.

But this is where we are, for a balanced community to survive, you have to cut off the bad.

@jonty Alt text: Liz Upton, Raspberry Pi’s cofounder and chief marketing officer, told BuzzFeed she believes that much of the issue stems not from the hiring of the former police officer who admitted to using Raspberry Pis for covert surveillance, but instead from a picture the account posted to Mastodon a day earlier showing pigs in blankets. “We didn’t put a content warning on it, because we don’t put a content warning on meat,” Upton said.


I did not see "Raspberry Pi co-founder becomes ridiculous conspiracy theorist" coming but here we are.

You did some bad PR, then handled it incredibly badly when everyone called you on it. That's it. Stop trying to blame everyone but yourselves.

Took me so long to realise that people laughed at Spock, Data, Seven, and other Star Trek characters that read as autistic because of their responses not being what was expected, rather than the reason I was laughing, because of the burn Spock just hit them with before raising an eyebrow.
I still raise my brow like that when faced with extremely allistic statements.

@ajroach42 I still love my Raspberry Pis.

Just like I will love the SBCs I buy from a different company from now on.

i'll say it again...



@goat you know its going well when you are quoted saying "no no no no absolutely not"

Sending lots of love to everyone who's tired af of seeing apologia for assholes who voluntarily, unaccountably harm us or are unrepentantly part of institutions that have been brutally abusing folks for generations :sparkling_heart_black_trans: I'm sorry you have to see this and I wish everyone protection

Well I didn't think it'd be true, but the Wyse 5070 is pulling - with exactly the same config as my current #HomeAssistant #RaspberryPi - a total of 5.4W of power at idle. #homeautomation

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Dear #RaspberryPi 

I'm a maker. I've been using your boards for years. I've recommended their use to countless people, advocated for your goals, and remained excited for everything you had done to further coding in education. You were doing good work, and had an immense amount of goodwill within the maker community. Have credit where it's due.

But your recent antics are wholly unacceptable.

Firstly, you have abandoned the maker community in recent years by prioritizing your industrial customers over them. The very same maker community that fueled the wide adoption of your products, the people who tirelessly evangelized your mission, are being left behind.

You're right - people are cross that they can't get your products any more. And that's because you're not making them for us any more. And we know it.

Secondly, your recent "Hey, we hired a cop!" post is concerning. UK law enforcement has a long history of terrible behavior in infiltrating activist circles, establishing sexual relationships with activists, and in some cases abandoning the children they fathered in those relationships.

This is a well-documented pattern of behavior, and is still playing out in the courts. The individual you hired most likely had a direct hand in enabling that behavior, as his role was in developing surveillance techniques. That history should be considered shameful, yet somehow you've decided it's a selling point.

This raises further concerns when considered within the context of your recent pivot towards prioritizing industrial customers over the maker community. In many perfectly reasonable ways, this could be considered a signal to government and law enforcement agencies of your willingness and intent to expand your business with them.

After all, you also manufacture small cameras as well as small, network-enabled computers. Now you're advertising that you've brought someone in-house with extensive experience in law enforcement under a dubious title (what exactly is the job description of a "Maker-in-Residence" anyhow?).

It's clear that your original vision has changed, and not for the better.

All of this is concerning enough. But when these perfectly valid criticisms and concerns were brought to the attention of your Fediverse instance, your brand ambassador responded with glib dismissals and began blocking the very people who have supported you for the past decade.

Not to mention the absolutely ridiculous recent claims by your co-founder, Liz Upton, that this backlash is due to not putting a CW on a picture of pigs in a blanket. That's patently absurd, and had she taken any time whatsoever to seriously look at the conversation, she would know it.

But, again - we're not the customers you care about any more. And we know it.

The fact is, you have managed to burn down a decade's worth of goodwill in the span of a day or so by being condescending, inconsiderate, and tone-deaf towards your most loyal customers and their extremely valid concerns. And on a personal level, I'm wildly disappointed and feel a certain amount of betrayal.

Of course I'll be vigorously recommending your competitors from now on, for both moral and practical reasons. There are far superior alternatives on the market already. At the basest level, I'm quite comfortable forgetting that #RaspberryPi is even an option for a single-board computer, and never mentioning the name to another potential maker again.

Not that it matters, since we can't even get your boards without an obscene markup anyways.


meta, acab, keep digging - we can still see you 

> “They see the word ‘policeman’ and they’ve gone off on one. The bloke might be a lovely guy.”

he might be. that doesn't matter. for one thing, he's still an ex-cop, and that denotes a certain mentality. for another, RPF chose to emphasise his authoritarian credentials, not his cuddly ones. they didn't do that by accident.

> "He’s not a bad person, and this is not the United States."

umm... the United States is quite a big chunk of the RPF's market. it's also where a lot of people on the fediverse who have good, solid, immediate reasons for swerving cops and their cheerleaders live.

but even granting that, *he is still an ex-policeman*. and one coming from one of the most egregiously abusive sectors of the police.

also, who knows what might come out soon?

just when you think the bottom of the barrel has been reached, someone starts scraping at it

(fwiw, i had no idea, and would have cared even less, about the whole "pigs in blankets" thing. but it does take on a grimly ironic aspect - clearly making pigs cosy is kinda their brand now)

raspberry pi foundation, harassment allegations, cold takes 

Sending death threats is bad.

Describing a widespread negative response to your own actions as a deliberate campaign organized by the senders of death threats is much less bad than sending death threats, but is still bad.

According to Buzzfeed's article on the RPi police controversy - - that's exactly what Liz Upton, cofounder and Executive Director of Communications for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, is claiming.

- Packbats 🎒

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