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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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not that i get many follower requests anyway, but if you do put one in and i haven't noticed it for about 24 hours, @ me; ive heard they don't pop up as notifications (strange design decision, that) and i won't remember to check...

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ASDA Mobile is probably the best bet for this - calls are 4p/min and to keep the thing from expiring you just have to send a text every 180 days (or reactivate it with a free call if you go a few days over). a line rental of 8p/year seems like a reasonable deal ;-)

@thamesynne @loke alternatively if Ofcom insists that Openreach, Virgin *and* all the mobile companies implement first party clearing that scam would not work (AFAIK most mobile and VOIP providers have first party clearing, its only BT analogue circuits that allow the caller to hold the line which is a hangover from hardwired phones so the call isn't cleared down when a caller wanted to use an extension in another part of the house..)

the more i read about banking scams, where people hang up the phone and ring the bank back but the scammer doesn't - the more i think that everyone should have a spare, secret PAYG phone with credit that doesn't expire and a withheld number, which they will only ever use to ring back a bank that's (apparently) called them on their known phone number

that's the only way to ensure that particular trick doesn't work

literally only just realised that the blobcatheart emoji (which doesn't have) is basically blobcat using a heart as a chewtoy

Ok I sat down and thought about it and even though I'm crying at having to write this I need help again. If anyone can spare anything just to get me through the 2 weeks until payday (for food & other essentials like train fare) I'd really appreciate it ❤

tulip bulbs! getcha luverly tulip bulbs 'ere! buy'em now, sell'em in a week, guaranteed to make ya rich!

just don't plant'em...

This is a hill I'm willing to die on: build systems suck. Literally, all of them.

There isn't one build system out there that I've seen to date where a host build system can ask a guest VM/container/etc. to rebuild even a single target without incurring an overbearing amount of cognitive load and creepy action-at-a-distance interactions between the host and the guest.

Going on two hours now hacking on this. Thinking that the best and only viable approach is to just replace the whole thing with a single shell script that runs entirely within the guest and rebuilds all the pyramids of Egypt, completely disregarding the state of the source files.

Don't like it? TOUGH. Either don't change the source code, or find a better build system that actually makes life easier. I ain't got time for this shit.

🎻 (maybe not the world's smallest, but it is very tiny)

on the bright side, that means there are going to be some absolute bargains to be had for people who are prepared to travel at 48 hours' notice

apparently putting "if you're calling from the NHS, please leave a message" wasn't clear enough, given that i just had my second message saying "nothing urgent" - and no other information

so now my voicemail greeting says "if you're calling from the NHS, please write to me".


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choose your gender:

-programming is all about efficiently throwing together other people's code

-programming is just math

(where "things go horribly wrong" is a spectrum that includes "the valve fails and floods the house" and "the washing machine chooses this moment to shuffle off its solenoid coil and i need to buy a new one in a hurry")

not that i'm prone to catastrophising or aught ;-)

ok, there might be a *very* slow leak... but i can't tighten anything any further, so sod it. i've left a bucket under it and i'll see what's gathered in there tomorrow

as for what i actually wanted to do - move the washing machine so that it's squarely in front of the utility room door, so i don't have to throw washing in around the corner any more - annoyingly the drainage hose is *just* too short. i have an extension ordered, so i'll defer any further faffing until that shows up. i've just done laundry, so i should be good for another few weeks, should things go horribly wrong ;-)

also, having just checked Screwfix, those supply valves (compression valves, i think they're called) are nothing parts (£1.79), so basically if i do need to get a plumber in to replace the one that's there i'll just be paying for labour

on the other hand, it might be worth saying to the landlord "hey, this valve needs replacing, can you get a plumber to nip round and do it?" at some point - since the plastic tab breaking is Not Supposed to Happen™

(fortunately, though, it seems to have stopped dripping. i need to check back, just to make sure it's not merely dripping really slowly... but i think i might just have Got Away With It)

life lesson two: do not attempt even tiny easy DIY jobs when you are anxious af. they are not displacement activities and will only end up giving you another thing to be anxious af about.

today's life lesson: no matter how much you think you've turned off the washing machine's supply valve, do NOT attempt to actually unscrew the hose from it until you've turned off the house water supply...

i did not do this. i also didn't realise that the little plastic tap tab on the valve had expired and come adrift from the thing.

fortunately after some fighting i got the supply hose back on securely... but there's still a bit of a drip there, and i need to keep an eye on it to see whether it's a dr.i..p... or a drIPPPP

and possibly get a plumber in to sort out the valve :-( depending on whether i can still turn it off without the little tab

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