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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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not that i get many follower requests anyway, but if you do put one in and i haven't noticed it for about 24 hours, @ me; ive heard they don't pop up as notifications (strange design decision, that) and i won't remember to check...

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plurality, selfies, total body dysphoria 

@djsundog Every program should just target Z80, and then we'll run an emulator on everything else. Problem solved.

so almost 2½ years ago, i bought an S912-based Android TV box (for £28), in the hope of being able to junk Android and boot Linux on it.

today, using Armbian Buster, i finally managed to do exactly that! just a proof of concept so far; now i need to remember how to configure networking... but it's always nice to bring a machine into the fold. particularly this one! it's not the only 8 core machine i own, but the other one is a phone, so...

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trans, UK, GRA inquiry reminder 

Tax the ultra wealthy who are destroying the world and use the money for good.

Or: bill all killionaires

so apparently i'm alone in finding the tablet a completely awful form factor for a computing device... but i do

imagine how much happier we'd all be if advertising were just illegal

kitten pics 

and is doing the Behringer RD-3 (TB303 clone) in red for £82

(which is about what a 303 is worth tbh)

château? ah yes, I know french. that means "cat water"

asking for help with living costs, boosts appreciated 

OU/AstraZeneca vaccine, covid-19, + 

that reassuring feeling of ripping the shrink wrap off your new synth, because it means it's really really new

(gear4music were - and still are, for the moment - selling the Modal Skulpt at £159, because Black Friday... in a week, or something; i wasn't interested when they were £250, but - well, i just took delivery of one)

so i tried to watch the series of The Thick Of It i haven't seen yesterday (series 3). i couldn't even get through the first episode.

it... hasn't aged at all well, has it? *cringe*

when you're old enough (and British enough) that when you hear Electron in a computing context the first thing you think of is Acorn's (not all that successful) attempt to compete with the Spectrum and C64

steven moffat makes good episodes of shows when he gets to make them like one at a time but when you hand him a whole show he makes dogshit, and then after learning this they harness this power by giving him more shows to make dogshit with

cats' purrs are believed to play a role in healing cats from injuries.
so i'm going to borrow some purrs from the goodest boy, maybe they can help heal me.

although this can be counterproductive with an actual cat... the purring makes you want to calm down but the 180bpm heart rate makes your brain go "must sync with this pulse"

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