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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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not that i get many follower requests anyway, but if you do put one in and i haven't noticed it for about 24 hours, @ me; ive heard they don't pop up as notifications (strange design decision, that) and i won't remember to check...

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plurality, selfies, total body dysphoria 

one day i'll discover where all of the excellent systemd documentation i keep hearing about is hiding...

or maybe not :-/

@allison @aliasless @nyx systemd tires me i just want to be a simple girl with rc init scripts living a quaint little life

ok, why does hitting the calculator key on this keyboard first cause firefox to refresh the screen, and second select "leave this page now" when the "you're not finished" dialog box comes up? and how do i stop it from doing that incredibly annoying thing...?

going through my PDF directory (into which i've just dumped everything randomly for years) i found the slides to a fascinating talk Dan Bernstein gave in 2015 - in which he basically said "optimising compilers solve the wrong problem".

essentially, the situation he suggests we're in now is that a tiny proportion of code runs hot enough to melt the CPU it's on, and the rest of the code runs so damn cold it's not even worth turning on the compiler's optimiser to compile it. literally it's a waste of effort

forthers will instantly recognise this phenomenon, of course ;-)

he suggests that instead of attempting to mechanically optimise all code in advance & hope the coder knew what they were doing re algorithm choice, a better option would be for the compiler to have a dialogue with the coder, who, knowing the trade-offs of the code the compiler identifies as hot, can apply safe but non-mechanical transformations to that code in order to vectorise (etc) it

uk pol, blatant corruption 

just read this in the first few pages of The Little Schemer:

"The Law of Cdr:
" The primitive CDR is defined only for non-empty lists. The CDR of any non-empty list is always another list.

"The Law of Cons:
" The primitive CONS takes two arguments. The second argument to CONS must be a list. The result is a list."

does this mean dotted pairs are outlawed in Scheme? 'cause i haven't yet encountered a Scheme which won't let me (cons 3 4)...

also, props to the courier who clearly read enough of the notice on my door to know to put the thing in my shed, but not enough of it to realise they were in the wrong place altogether :-(

for the love of god, let me move somewhere next time without so much scope for couriers to fuck up!

well, in one way, changing where google maps thinks my address is has been a success: now, instead of Confusingly Similar Address getting all of my parcels, i am getting all of theirs

someone left a huge great box in my shed 3 hours ago, which appeared to contain an office chair (which i only know because one of its wheels had broken out of the bottom of the box!)

i really didn't want to have to interact with anyone today :-(

> an investing company called Blackrock owns so much of the economy that it’s in their self-interest to have all companies cooperate for the good of the economy as a whole. While they don’t usually push this too hard, the coronavirus pandemic was a big enough threat that “BlackRock is actually calling drug companies and telling them to cooperate to find a cure without worrying about credit or patents or profits”. see number 13

In Defence of Adam Curtis

The new series by Adam Curtis has elicited eye-rolling among many on the left – but despite its critics, 'Can’t Get You Out of My Head' is the BBC filmmaker's most radical work in years.

a potted history of forth standardisation efforts:

forth users: we need to standardise
fig: we've made a forth anyone can implement
forth inc: theirs is crap, ours is the real forth
forth-79: here you are
mvp and mms: cool, let's do that
forth users: no, not like that
forth inc: umm we're good, thanks
forth-83: standardise on me! i'm Correct
most forth vendors: nifty! we'll go with that
forth users: no, not like that either, you broke all our code
forth inc: nope, still not changing
mvp, mms: nor us
x3j14: we've made an ANS Forth!
forth inc: we were involved in this, so it is Good™
the few forth vendors left: *sigh* OK then... let's go again
forth users: god, no, not like that either, what is wrong with you people?!

forth-2012: heyyy! we've got it right this time


forth users: um... did someone say something?

I remember I used to talk about my aged laptops as "good enough for web browsing but not serious work." Now its the other way around.

i just got a reply. apparently in normal times they do sell single-passenger journeys, but right now they're worried that it would leave them with unsold seats.

unfortunately, that argument is somewhat undermined by the fact that they're quite happy to sell a 3-passenger booking.

fuck 'em

Our landlord told us today he wants to sell the house. We're going to struggle to get anywhere else with this debt.

Please please help if you can

oh no, it's the usual "google automatically turned off something it tacitly encourages you to rely on in a piece of security theatre"

right. yes, google. of course the gmail web interface is a non-google app.

thanks,, for the flyer advertising your fancy rail trips around Settle and Carlisle.

no thanks at all, though, for letting me get to your booking page, only to discover that the minimum number of passengers on such a trip is 2

i can't believe people are still pulling this shit now. today.

TIL you can still buy boxes of fanfold / tractor feed paper for a reasonable price! (if you consider £20.25 for 2000 sheets reasonable, anyway)

i swear, there were basically 2 reasons that i wanted a dot matrix printer again, and tractor feed paper was one of them :-)

frustrates me that so many programming jobs are filled with absolute ding dongs with lawyer daddies while jessica is out here jobless with like Several languages under her belt and she learns new ones in hours no problem all because they feel she’s Too Autistic in interviews

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