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meta, twitter crossposts 

if you really feel the need to crosspost something from the birdsite as a screenshot, could you please at the very least copy the text of the tweet and paste it into the image description?

and if you can't do that, then could you please wait until you are at a client which allows you to?

otherwise you're expecting someone else to do a full transcription for the sake of you doing two keychords.

thank you.

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PSA: if i've boosted something and then transcribed it, there is absolutely no point in @'ing me in your replies about the content of it, because literally all i've done is write the transcription. it'd be like complaining about the amount of swearing in a Tarantino film to the person writing the subtitles.

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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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tamsyn's one sentence guide to relative peace and harmony in the fediverse (or just, you know, being polite):

If you read something someone wrote, and you find you really disagree with it, but they didn't @ you - DON'T @ THEM.

uk pol, no more tories 

but for all my concerns about Labour and Starmer's direction and... everything else - that's mainly because Labour HAVE to win the next election. nobofy else can, except the one party who absolutely must not.

because the simple, inescapable fact is:


if you can see a better way of achieving that than voting Labour in, then please share - because i can't.

i can't do anything about it myself. i'm stuck in a Tory rotten borough, and my vote won't count at all. plus, they won't even let me vote anyway because i don't have photo ID. but if yours will - if you're in a marginal - you *have* to vote out the Tories. even if that means voting Labour. suck it up and save a life - and kick the actual fascists out.

ok, i like NVIDIA a little more today

i mean, i wouldn't necessarily concur that AI necessarily brings anything useful to society, but it definitely sucks way less out than cryptocurrency

New Zealand vs TERFs 

It is so unbelievably cathartic, after months of watching the UK’s insipid transphobic garbage and uncaring passivity, to see such an overwhelming pro-trans counter protest that the TERFs had to run away in shame.

💜 New Zealand vs TERFs 

The horrible TERF woman fled back to the UK. She never even made it to Wellington, and there was no longer any event to protest there. But people still showed up en masse to stand up for trans rights 💜

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ph -, (very) minor pain 

for the last four hours, something in the top right of my abdomen has been making littke pulses of pain - not "oh my god something is about to burst" level pain, but definite "i'm being jabbed with a small needle" pain - and i am really fucking over it now, thanks

An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes. - Sun Tzu

perfidious albion 

not banging the "respect ur troopz" nonsense, however...

this guy flew combat missions against the Talib for the U.K.

he was, naturally, abandoned when they ran away. they then told him he could come to britain if he got his documents stamped by the Talib

so he took the alternate route, ending on a small boat, and now the same people who used and abandoned him are threatening to send him to Rwanda.

never, ever, ever trust a single word from the mouths of "Official" Britain.

"don't be a downer on Mastodon!" has way too much "give us a smile, love" energy :-/

uk pol, new labour, my experience of them sucking 

so will 'splaining why New Labour did really rather well, actually - but i guess that should be a given ;-) still... i was there, i lived through it, i celebrated the departure of the Tories in 1997 along with everyone else... and then spent the next 13 years having my heart repeatedly stomped on - and when they introduced the cruel and punitive WCA regime, that was it for me and Labour's right flank. i'll take no lessons from anyone about how they did the best they could, because i was there, i saw it, and i saw how even at their best, they slid things under the Thatcherite narrative rather than challenging it - and at their worst, they swallowed that narrative whole

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I was going to say that with the sunsetting of unpaid verification on Twitter in April, you’d at least be able to tell which assholes are actually financially supporting the proto-fascist billionaire man-baby but apparently they’ll be allowed to hide their mark of shame.

#twitter #elonMusk

@thamesynne @aral It makes your replies show up at the top. If the mark shows, ppl will just block you for that. So now they want to hide that they're buying artificially high placement for their garbage opinions. 🤪 🤡

FYI: going full twitter at me will result in a rebuke, a softblock and a hard mute

🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️♀️
You can't tell someone
you love them and then
vote for someone who
will hurt them.
🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️♀️

shouty exasperation 


*breathe* sorry. pet peeve of mine, that one.

Ice cold take I know, but I really hate when "journalists" and "reporters" talk to politicians, especially fucking fascists, and say "with all due respect" before saying objectively true things. This is a core mistake that liberals constantly fuck up and y'know I'm an anarchist and have many criticisms of liberalism and I think even democracy is authoritarian hogwash, I know I'm not exactly set up as the most convincing person to talk to liberals, much less to like, journalists and shit but y'know I feel like I have to say it: You don't owe oppressors respect. They need to *fear* you. You, personally.

If you're a journalist, though, that fear needs to be go up to ten. Politicians, yes even the "good" ones, are supposed to shit themselves in terror to encounter you, in exactly the same way that a pheasant is terrified of a spaniel. Your job as a journalist in an even remotely functioning liberal democracy (if such a thing as a "functioning liberal democracy" even exists) is to flush rich assholes and their servants for the people to pursue. Stop pretending you are supposed to be subservient to these fucking ghouls who want to "eradicate" trans people, who openly use fucking Nazi talking points about "globalists" and "cultural Bolshevi-I mean, Marxism" and feigning concern about the safety of children while they gleefully celebrate the chronic and unrepentant child rape cultures in their churches, who talk about "law and order" and "respecting cops" in the face of a police state engaging openly in pogromic violence against Black and Indigenous and other racialized people.

If these motherfuckers gave half a shit about the high-minded idealistic version of liberalism they professed to care about, they wouldn't be these mewling, obsequious little shits begging Daddy to toss them a stale crumb of dignity in interviews.

I don't know how anyone watches television news without wanting to beat politicians to death with limbs torn from these pusillanimous pigshit enablers calling themselves journalists. I just don't know how people can be so apathetic toward the horrors going on every g-d damned day in this fucking settler colony.

UK politics, not actually corruption because it's within the rules 

"But they're not breaking any rules when they ask for £10,000 a day to advise companies."

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