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kindly try to avoid using your fervently held beliefs to invalidate my life experience


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not that i get many follower requests anyway, but if you do put one in and i haven't noticed it for about 24 hours, @ me; ive heard they don't pop up as notifications (strange design decision, that) and i won't remember to check...

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A guide for non autistic people on how not to support ableism in April 

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tangentially related to this i think people who watch a lot of horror movies and "aren't scared by them" are so funny. like what's the point then. you're just watching a movie with a shitty plot and annoying dialogue?? have some fun and cry like a baby with the rest of us

tonight's fun quiz: is the wind flapping a sign into a wall or something outside, or is someone rather drunk and Really Bored™?

This is a pattern I see happen time and time again. This is what people are lamenting when they're speaking up against callout/cancel culture. It isn't about helping the victim, it's about punishing the offender. It makes the world a worse place for everyone, where nobody can learn from their mistakes because having made a mistake makes them permanently evil, and the taint spreads to anyone who has ever associated with the offender, regardless of context or timing.

This shit has to stop, people

Party A comes forward about something party B did to them in the past. Party C goes on a crusade to find justice for party A.

Party B admits that they did the thing A accused them of, that they now know it was wrong, and that they have worked hard to get better as a person, and that they do not begrudge A for having been hurt.

C continues to attack B for it. B asks C why they're doing it. C accuses B of DARVO.

C is stepping out of their lane and making things worse for everyone, including A.

I see they're getting ready to set stonehenge forward an hour for british summer time

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asthma vs anxiety 

Ok, my next desktop will have 64GB of RAM, so I can browse the web smoothly. This is getting ridiculous.

Ahahaha, not quite a logo or a splash screen... but I got reminded of the good ol' Alley Cat. Of course, this version is better! :blobcat:

(I really couldn't help it, I had to create this!)



people yelling at landlords to get an actual job are giving me life :blobaww:

just reminded that i have to learn how not to dither in a supermarket before i next visit one (which will probably be on monday)

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