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Ceryl the Pretty @srgl@dragon.style

(Kevin Murphy-era Servo, although all Servos would work.)

I am repeating the word "Brando" (as in Marlon) and it has simultaneously lost all meaning and become a Word of Power.

And if you need specifics, it's being repeated in a Tom Servo voice.

As a Canadian, I’m missing out on today’s gorging.

So it’s worth pointing out that the last time I had Thanksgiving in the US, I ate so much I literally broke the chair I was sitting on.

Also I couldn’t move for an hour. But that might have been the fault of the martinis plural.

Fried queso duro is my new favourite thing.

Still torn if I should make the majority of my toots here about my (occasional) photography, commissions, or shitposting.

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I went to the local liquor store to pick up some prosecco and they were having an inventory blowout.

Goodbye dollars. Hello excellent bourbon.

It turns out that Basinski’s Disintegration Loops are perfect accompaniment to walking on a snowy day.

My #1 reason for joining this instance was the name.

Because it's the best name.