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Be the strange little creature that you want to see in the world.

"The lab is locked," the student said, "so how..."
The professor looked at the camera feed.
"Ah. You know how subatomic particles can spontaneously come into existence?"
"Yes, but that is not-"
"It happens. Put a note up that we have another cat available for adoption."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

I have just found the worst designed site



I keep forgetting about the time Intel gave in to Gamergate bullshit and pulled sponsorship from Gamasutra and so I blogged I wasn't going to spend any more of my unpaid time making Linux work better on Intel hardware if they were going to give in to a misogynistic hate movement and people could disagree with me but anyone who disagreed that Gamergate was a misogynistic hate movement would have their comment replaced with "Fart fart fart" and I replaced so many and they complained to my CEO

oh good news! I thought this game was finally sensible in using UTF-8.

NOPE! Parts of it are using UTF16-big endian.

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Be careful with this ‘ChatGPT makes up sexual harassment’ story. The law professor in question is a conservative activist who’s trying to parlay it into a ‘conservatives are being censored by the liberal media and tech and government’ story. His own blog post:

... So what's up with Koopa bot?

Also who runs it even o.o

i am not a doctor and this is not medical advice but i think you should eat a small snack you enjoy and drink some water

tl note: PFP stands for Perfluoropentacene

No april fools item for @haiku because one time @mmu_man made an html5 client for our remote desktop protocol as an april fool's joke, and since then people are actually using it.
Today is the day to attempt creating that silly project or feature you've been thinking of. Who knows what will happen?

trans day of what's the deal with that shark plushie anyway

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