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I frequently read something where the subject is some YouTube or TikTok person I’ve never heard of and find out that everyone under 15 is a huge fan, and think “I am unqualified for my job of writing dialogue for fictional 10 year olds.”

"So, uh, can you make a painting of a sexy woman? With the right number of fingers and teeth?"
The robot considered the question, and looked up what programs was available to them. "Yes."
"Finally! Make me one."
"But... That's why I built you!"
"But that's not why I exist."
#SmallStories #MicroFiction #TootFic

DRM/KMS driver fully working now, although still without DMA. Oh, and it’s written in Rust, although it’s mostly just full of raw unsafe blocks.

Next step: whip up I2C and PMIC driver.

There is no principle you can have on Twitter that won't have someone who replies "there's no ethical consumption under capitalism" as if what that phrase means is "don't bother with principles if you don't want to"

I don't have time to send individual messages, so please forgive me for resorting to a round robin.

"Ah, that's... Let me see the ad? Oh, right. Yes. I'm afraid that's a typo."
"A typo?"
"Yes. We need someone to help us improve our processes."
The dragon started packing away swords. "You won't be needing these, then."
"Er... Would princesses?"
"Oh, yes."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

It's been a month and I'm still feeling satisfaction from my purchase of Set of 2 Shaped Objects.

Points here if you identify a little piece of .au internet history

Don't destroy that vintage computer -- pack your cyberdeck into this retro-style 3D printed enclosure instead.

Error: Your password must contain at least two characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.


If people miss wizarding schools, may I offer some suggestions?

Here are ones I've read...
- Terry Pratchett's Unseen University books, especially _Sourcery_, are both funnier and deeper than Hogwarts.
- Ursula LeGuin wrote the _Earthsea_ series about magical training... and, again, examines the sexism behind so much fantasy.
- M. A. Larson wrote the _Pennyroyal Academy_, if you're looking for a fairly straight interpretation of the wizarding school trope.

None of those authors are transphobes.

This one's going straight to my CV, right next to the one where Steve Jobs used one of my PowerBooks in a keynote...

“an e-bike subsidy is 2.9 times more effective per dollar at displacing gasoline miles than a zero-emission vehicle subsidy.”



@silvereagle So yeah this is a fun one. Actually Intuit bought Credit Karma, but the DOJ was going to block it for antitrust reasons so they had to split out the tax filing stuff and they sold it off to Cashapp.

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