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Still reeling that the only way to get the frontend for the Pinball MAME stuff is to join a Facebook group.

I guess it's to be expected in a way.
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The virtual pinball community seems to be far more exclusive and unwelcoming than the emulation community. I've been struggling to figure out how to make the right decisions on a virtual cabinet and most of the data seems to be hidden on Discord servers behind a layer of "If you know you know" and "We're wary of newbies because they usually just want to play for free without giving back"

There's a degree of this in emu as well, but it's mostly a CYA function. The knowing nod when emu devs say "The way to acquire roms is to dump them from your legal discs"

If anyone has a screenshot of an old version of Skype etc. I would love to use it for this, paint doesn't really make sense

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All borders are fake but the ones that are straight lines on a mercator projection are extra fake.

things user/profile systems fuck up, bad assumptions
- the user will never delete their account
- the user should be expected to individually delete their posts
- the user will never change their legal name
- the user will never change their email address
- the user will never change their phone number
- if they do change those things, surely they will think to use our change info ui before getting rid of their old name/phone number/email address
- the same as above, but with SSO linkages

My current electric wheelchair is worn out and actively dangerous, and so unreliable I don’t trust it to even work. I’ve started a gofundme to buy a new lightweight modern one. I’ll be grateful for any donations, or just a share if that’s what you can do.


I finally have a new phone that I can actually freaking

Hold in one hand

Also can anyone suggest me a nice phone client for Android? Or recommend using web if such an option exists.


Today is not feeling like a good morning day...

Outside: 36C, sunny without clouds

Me, inside, on other side from where AC is: legs chilly

Macros are like icecream, very cool and nice, but fuck if I can make any, and having too much makes my head hurt

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