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long form writing 

Now that I think about it, Twitter is the reason I stopped putting two spaces after the period.

Having that very limited canvas has done a lot of damage on my ability to write. I instinctively reach for short, choppy sentences.

No nuance.
Few descriptions.
Just. getting. ideas. out. fast.

The sheer horror of the immediacy of it all has been a severe limitation on my writing. How do I detox from this?

Dopamine is a hell of a drug that seeps into the fibre of your psyche. Product designers want to create addictions to the product so number goes up. A product is a failure unless it gets infinite growth. Even if it's gotten so saturated that there's no hope of ever really growing again.

I don't like that aspect of our society and how it's seeped out into everything else. I don't think I can do anything about that though. I am a voice within a voice in the wind. The only real effect I can have on people are these words and the thoughts that emerge from people thinking about these words.

I also don't know if these words will reach my intended target audience, but maybe my letter in a bottle will go somewhere that helps.

Here's hoping.


Mhf, dehydration sucks and just makes me want to take a nap that won't help it and I'll just be extra shit and.. whee

hey trans sibs 

ruin a transphobe's day. go ahead. make them writhe in disgust. trigger their absolute horror at your very existence. feel that power.

(caveat: i mean your safety and well-being matter a lot, that is more important, however, i am here to also encourage spiteful delight in transphobes experiencing pain)

Ended up buying and playing a small game on Steam

... Mildly screaming and realising that hey I could do that too

I'm just, idk. I am not sure if any of my ideas are good, etc x.x

turn your phone off if you're visiting Planned Parenthood 

"Data Broker Is Selling Location Data of People Who Visit Abortion Clinics

It costs just over $160 to get a week's worth of data on where people who visited Planned Parenthood came from, and where they went afterwards."

"SafeGraph classifies "Planned Parenthood" as a "brand" that can be tracked, and the data Motherboard purchased includes more than 600 Planned Parenthood locations in the United States. The data included a week's worth of location data for those locations in mid-April. SafeGraph calls the location data product “Patterns.” In total, the data cost just over $160. Not all Planned Parenthood locations offer abortion services. But Motherboard verified that some facilities included in the purchased dataset do."

Woke up at 3am realizing something something super basic about programming

if(a == 5 && b == 6)

The && and || particles are actually the bitwise operator &(and) and |(or) with lower operators precedence ranking! now redirects to a twitter account


Need to figure out how to make a CV/resume so I can successfully fish out a job that will get me the fuck out of here...

No pressure... Been putting this off for a monthhhhhh

cw: non-screen reader friendly 

Hey folks! A reminder that fancy fonts like 𝕤 and 𝖜 and 𝓱 are not screen reader friendly. If you use these, people who use screen readers can't read your toots or your profile. Please stick to plain text, especially in usernames! :blobcat:

Has someone asked you to "caption your image" or "add a text description" or "use alt text" and you're not sure what that is, or how?

This page is here to help!

Covers most (all?) Android apps, web interfaces, and TUI/CLIs that I know about.

(I know that not everyone can describe things, and that's ok! This page is here to help people who want to but don't know how, or want some tips.)

Deep links should work, e.g. for @Tusky


tbh i kinda hope mastodon and the fediverse stays a place where autistic and neurodivergent weirdoes run wild and it never attracts the attention of the mainstream

no ads, no fucking VCs, just bizarre people who meow at cats and make weird art with thinking rocks

Long sighy and annoyed post about Mastodon cryptography, milder version of an overly strong post before 

I have spent way too long slowly chopping away at code and implementing Mastodon compatible "HTTP Signature" checking.

Which apparently went through several different releases by this point, and current fediverse understandable configuration uses RSA-SHA256 with OpenSSL's defaults. I am not actually sure what padding this uses...

I have had a much stronger worded post about this but it was... well, too much based on too little, echoing things I have heard more than my thoughts.

Anyways, I am feeling rather doubtful I can affect much here, but... still want to try.

Maybe figure out how to make something that does not require "fetch RSA PEM stored in a JSON, over HTTP from a URL supplied by an unauthenticated-for-now user" which is... well. A lot of moving parts that can make one feel nervous

...also hm, note to self, Fediverse server are highly unlikely to be protected from IP address leakage? Hm...

...does anyone even USE those for real, actually? Like, I don't even know for sure..

Obviously, the main shortcoming of the Scratch development ecosystem is the lack of a robust cryptography library.

Until now!

Here's x25519 ECDH key exchange, blake2s hashing, and ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD - in Scratch

> Hardware vs sofftware synths: which is better?

whichever you have in front of you right now. next question

im so glad to see familiar faces here, mostly from pillowfort!!

This is my #oc Saffron and his cafe! I love drawing these top view of things uvu

#art #MastoArt #illustration #plants

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