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as I'm waiting for New Ava Art to be invoiced and final version sent to me to show off, have some old but v.good stuff!

@fluxom_art and @Draekos respectively are the artists

Please be aware that Freenode have now closed our IRC Channel as part of their continued Hostile Takeover and redirected it to "##gamingonlinux" which we do not control. DO NOTE USE FREENODE. We have moved to Libera.Chat:

anyone know markdown implementations that support colour and/or tables? looking to implement a renderer and don't want to invent my own nonstandard version

“This TF potion is so strong that not only is it permanent, but it will retroactively change your ID to match.”

Drug use is not morally repugnant. As I said, why, how, and whether people use drugs is none of your fucking business. The judgment upon drug users is a social construct and people should reflect upon why they hate drug users and deconstruct why.

request for help/general support 

You don't owe anyone any explanation for blocking.

wip dragon n kobble art! surprisingly not lewd 

My little freefall comic reader now autouodates! It will not handle anything beyond basic "bump the number up" but that's already pretty good, wee~

Should probably add "last updated" info..

no matter how much rebranding discord does it won't change the business model from "uber for killing communities"

oh yeah I forgot that I finished a page of Stella's Guide that I can post publicly because it's the next one in the sequence, too!

MewnBase v0.52.1 has **finally** been uploaded to the stable branch on Steam and!

Includes the first of what I hope is a handful of hostile critters that roam the world, some new vehicle tools, and other useful items you can build.

#gamedev #indiegames

reminder that emperaux is the gender neutral word for emperor/empress and its the coolest word

I've finally achieved the level of sandwich making when there's actually enough of the stuff for it to start falling apart

*proud huzzah*

The whole meme around "isekai" as a concept is honestly fascinating because it highlights both the highly illusory nature of genre distinctions while ALSO illustrating precisely why they're useful

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Dragon Style

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