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first they block nazis, then they block transphobes, then what?? where does it stop???
(apparently it never went further, what a slippery slope)

#Tusky has been removed from the PlayStore by Google

CPU history, erasure of women 

Today's gender is anxiety and the sound of train whistles.

current low-effort promotional why-not: every time there is a conversation about NFTs on Hacker News, I find an excuse to drop a link to my patreon as an example of artist support systems that work perfectly well without adding the extra layer of fake "scarcity" to digital work and all the layers of bullshit that come with crypto.

i'm hoping at least a couple of you are like, "but Alice, how do you know so much about electronics design?"

i'll tell you the open secret:


it sounds dry and maybe a bit intimidating but it's honestly your best bet for starting out.

"i do what i find interesting" instead of "i do what other people tell me to do" wouldn't be nearly as frustrating if society's function doesn't depend on normalizing being a good and quiet worker

Like, I'm fine with C programmers, but why do they have to rub their speciality in our faces? And convert our kids into C agenda?

I uh... Kinda still don't get what exactly is "kinnie"?

And why the heck some people seem to dislike them o.O

funny relatable moment when you're sad and tired

who the fuck writes g/2 instead of 0.5g
g only tells you what unit the previous number is, it doesn't mean 1g on its own

what the fuck
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