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Like, I'm fine with C programmers, but why do they have to rub their speciality in our faces? And convert our kids into C agenda?

I uh... Kinda still don't get what exactly is "kinnie"?

And why the heck some people seem to dislike them o.O

funny relatable moment when you're sad and tired

who the fuck writes g/2 instead of 0.5g
g only tells you what unit the previous number is, it doesn't mean 1g on its own

what the fuck

lewd dragon kobold tf'ery! 

On that note! Statisticians, can you help out?

I'm going to need some software that can handle a LOT of calculations on a fairly average computer, involving probably 50,000 survey responses. The most important factor is user-friendliness.

Any recommendations?


Finnish gender neutral pronouns translated into English.


Source: Vuokko Aro

nsfw height diff meme nudity 

VERY LEWD 馃槇 content, collab with Fluxom 

Oh derp. So apparently you need at least 10 pages with a separate About one to join that . Welp. That's definitely going to happen a while later... Dunno, does an image generator and a web comic reader count as a page, if they merely reuse other's content? c.c

Mmh. Wonder if I could add my site to

Though I do want to link back...

My site works as a card, but I am at utter loss on how to fit say, an about page with links to friends or such >.<

And I still want a blog AND a microblog? >.>

federating abuse (quick, slapdash post about fediverse instance moderation) 

Aaaa f- heck. I am going to end up trying to figure out how to add some resistance to the scrolling in this client, aren't I.

b/w inked magazine cover design for @flyingfox ! that looks like a real comfy pile~

The human version of cat meowing to go outside then immediately meowing to come back inside is feeling lonely when you don't have anyone around you and then immediately overwhelmed and anxious when you have a human encounter

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