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Whew on panic/heart stuff (+) 

scared some 

(+) Tasty biscuits/cookies 

(-) Panic attacks, grumbling 


...oh, and "buy this book (EU)" links to sedoparked dead domain. Hooray to link rot.

Just found @anthracite 's "Decrypting Rita" comic. Okay, not found but rather just followed a link. Pretty interesting if somewhat confusing!

*Goes back to binge-reading*

Meanwhile I am happy with that I managed to set up a one-node cluster of Ceph.

Apparently a minimum replication requirement is not a recommendation and is mandatory for data to be "active" and onlin.

Panic attack aftermatch, still some worrying, stuff. 

Over-panicking about panicking 

Over-panicking about panicking 

TIL that if you open CW in timeline, and you have the message visible in that column thing? It opens the CW in both~!


It all started with politician’s nasty tweets at each other. Then it escalated to comment wars spanning practically every site. Now, every day, everywhere, the Internet is being bombarded by DOS attacks and viruses on websites of all kinds. World War III has begun, and it’s entirely online.
#writingprompts #writing

Sick/dying pets, grumbling 


On the other news: my table is now clean. Ish. Mostly clean, I swear!

If the ink stains the sink even after you have diluted a tiny drop of it, then washing it off of anything is going to be pretty hard to do.

Good thing my table can't talk. It probably would chew one out for staining it with all this baystate blue ink.

On the other news, refilled my other pilot pen, and finally got to try the GLITTER~~! ...ahem, the glittery ink c..c

Seriously, did something go wrong for Stylus recently? I can actually notice it re-attach the style. I have NEVER seen that before.

Grumbling and caps about the same 

This history rewriting is annoying...

Apparently the "back" button also uses that.

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