Anyone who's like "Internet anonymity leads to people posting headass shit, so we need a real-name policy" has clearly never used Facebook

The Korps, and fictional setting stuff 

@izaya the button having different style from rest of UI is a bit of a pain

Also margins, could have a bit more of those >.>

But also heck, nice o:

fuck it, if you're a cryptobro i'm going to chain you to a block (in a non lewd way)

@welshpixie ooh, looks nice! Though blog link in nav goes to ww1. and shows blank white page?

I'm not affiliated with Microcosm (other than they have published one of my stories), but this might interest the fediverse folks.

@anthracite ...I still want to decode the damn secret but fuck, it is difficult :<

@Mek101 ARK: Survival Evolved
Can't recommend on account of the trash Linux port and Facebook game main gameplay loop

safety culture and listening to workers, medicine 

US scam PSA 

realization moment: minecraft was a central part in what made me get a fucking programming degree

i am the most bullyable person in existence

its free, its fast and its simple: deleting your reddit account

first they block nazis, then they block transphobes, then what?? where does it stop???
(apparently it never went further, what a slippery slope)

#Tusky has been removed from the PlayStore by Google

CPU history, erasure of women 

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