@porsupah ...I swear I'll find some biologist/geneticist, befriend them, get them this joke, and strongly encourage them to create such a thing irl, immortalising it and making everyone who knows me groan as I show up with it

... Alternatively get some kind of crystal thing named lettuce

@megmac @trysdyn "what you are asking for is anonymity, not in scope!!11"

The have the worst and shittiest way to bat that away too :X

@anthracite ooh that looks awesome o:

And aw, the blog breaks on mobile :<

Macros are like icecream, very cool and nice, but fuck if I can make any, and having too much makes my head hurt

@izaya ... You mean within a house, or like, in a city?

Wait, IN a city?

@izaya ... Wait when did Americans have that ever

*Dabs in Russia-and-other with central heating though, for entire city..*

food, fish, eep 

@porsupah uhh, "for Eurovision"?

And huh. That sounds very nice ^^

@terrana awh, wish it was more friendly to bring read on phone... The layout is absolutely fine and would honestly work amazing with phones, but there's no extra tag that makes phones not treat it as a desktop site :<

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