re: Identifying phenoms 

@maddiefuzz @schratze now I want to see a fursuit with the formation taxi and landing lights... And a switch for them

I'm gonna hunker down here for a while. Birdsite is too stressful.

@anthracite oh apparently In/can/ see them without logging in

... Except for ONE picture

@trysdyn alternatively, redirect to something snippy about the Burning Man thing

I need to *not* execute on the juvenile urge to buy and set it up to redirect to someone's twitch page who constantly makes fart jokes.
imagine if the sims but
- not monetized to hell
- with extensive fursona creator
- also polyamory hostname lore:

kirby world
literally just “nas”
the brand of laptop but with pad replaced with rac
cloud provider default hostname

I just saw a custom cookie notice, one that I barely really processed and


Things are so bad that a custom styled cookie notice is already making me feel happy

What does it say

If I want to teach someone how to use git

"Repression is the attempt on the part of a decaying world to smother new ones in their infancy. We’ve withstood them all. The Holocaust and the aids crisis respectively destroyed two moments in the preceding century when our world outgrew their comfort for it. In both cases the revolutionaries and the otherwise marginalized died first. Entire generations of our elders have been stolen from us. Remember this when you forget who you are. Remind your friends, too, if they forget."
Mary Nardini Gang – Be Gay Do Crime

@izaya wait that's what those stereotypical "farm grain bunkers" are covered in?

So uh

Anyone knows how the BCD device elements format works? Cuz it's some binary thing and I can't find any info about how it is structured...

God I love my feeding shovel of a phone.. it's so nice and big and aaaa I can fucking hold it and see so much and it's pleasantly cool..

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