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Saphire Lattice

Woo, my site has an actual projects page now.

...and navigation. So it isn't a bunch of independent things! That's good I guess?


...pft. As if. Best case scenario they would continue stretching that out. Worst case full on scam :P


This is beyond creepy. What the fuck?

I have discovered CSS "scrollbar-width" and "scrollbar-color" non-prefixed mozilla-only properties.

Setting it to have transparent track is darn weird.


Ah the wonders of localization when it's not the floating point, but floating *comma*.


Consider the following:
An erlang web forum


Practically any that wasn't built in last 10 years? Something something "that's just for hipsters/millenials/kids".

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Aaaand looks like @matrix ( is down, and defaced.

Well darn.


The amount of times I wondered what would happen if I dropped the phone out of the window of a moving car...

Either it's normal, or we all are psycho :P

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