@saphire Also it freaking... blurs the CW along with the CWed content ._.

@saphire Oh no, what the heck, did this client just mantle newlines on sending?

Test :<

@RazyDazzle @kat

A completely faulty notion that removing anonymity means defeating all internet harassment and crime

Aka see facebook and etc with "real name policy" stuff

Oh gosh I forgot about this place entirely >.>

1/2 vaccines got, wee

I really really need to sleep now <-<

question for people taking testoerone gel 

Mildly NSFW joke: 

GoFundMe, Cancer, Boosts and reblogs would be wonderful 

important PSA for cat owners in the UK 

Due to recent management controversies, IRC network #FreeNode has being abandoned by most of its users and staff.

The most popular replacement is #LiberaChat (libera.chat), a new network set up by former Freenode staff.

Libera Chat has also just set up an official Fediverse account at:


Give them a follow if you are escaping from Freenode 👍

@owl issue is that popular sites like Twitter and FB and etc tend to reencode pictures into jpg AND delete metadata

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