I got it working, woo. Clamped it to 12 rows, feeling pretty comfortable to use now, compared to rather cramped 6 rows, and unusable uh... 31 that wanted to fill the full screen height

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There's of course a login, a vault selector, and a modal for entering your password or key :D

I have spent.. a lot of time making sure they don't break too badly, whee

And hopefully they look okay...

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I have discovered CSS "scrollbar-width" and "scrollbar-color" non-prefixed mozilla-only properties.

Setting it to have transparent track is darn weird.

(+) Tasty biscuits/cookies 

So I am trying to understand what the heck is that cookie is to find a recipe of it.

Got almonds (and cinnamon?) in it, pretty springy, not wet nor dry. This example was cut out after being cooked, not before because apparently they had nothing to cut it out with before. I haven't got recipe nor name :C

I made a Python script that generates those little fun things. They are just so adorable and fun to make.

Glory to sleep.

Did I say I love purple and blue and just mess with colors? <.<

So I made some buns yesterday. And I apparently used a "cleaning" temperature mode instead of a correct one.

They are pretty good tho~

More messing around , this time in settings. Sadly putting the golden color for the active menu category ends up making it WAY way too noticeable.

So about <.<

I got some inks and a Pilot Metropolitan. Not shown is a Capless Decimo in a case behind the ink boxes o..o

1080p screenshots of dark themes!

Current status of messing around with theme. I also put the name part of the ~~toots~~ rars back into its proper place.

I am also abusing the hell out of `transition` property <.<

Dark and purple user CSS Mmmm. Love CSS variables. Throwing some userstyling over the interface. I think I accidentally used twitter-like color for background. Still need to deal with stuff like settings, search dialogue and navigation thingies. (RIP my eyes from all the blue light)

While default is nice, some of the buttons and some of the text is unreadable without squinting. And if it's sunny, which it gets when sitting right next to a window, just unreadable.

Dragon Style

I'm a grumpy queer dragon lady and this is my quiet cave for me and some friends.