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Saphire Lattice

I have discovered CSS "scrollbar-width" and "scrollbar-color" non-prefixed mozilla-only properties.

Setting it to have transparent track is darn weird.

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I made a Python script that generates those little fun things. They are just so adorable and fun to make.

Glory to sleep.

Did I say I love purple and blue and just mess with colors? <.<

So I made some buns yesterday. And I apparently used a "cleaning" temperature mode instead of a correct one.

They are pretty good tho~

More messing around , this time in settings. Sadly putting the golden color for the active menu category ends up making it WAY way too noticeable.

So about <.<

I got some inks and a Pilot Metropolitan. Not shown is a Capless Decimo in a case behind the ink boxes o..o

Peeked at how other instances saw this one being down. That's kinda funny to see :V

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