Fountain pens are really nice...

Still enjoying the Decimo I got a few years ago. Finally refilled it with some more ink.

And my little collection is not whole four pens! Sadly my Metropolitan, already broken from the sad fall a few years back, is gone...

But now I have a Jinhao X750, Lamy Al-Star (EF and it's lovely turquoise!) and a surprisingly very nice looking TWSBI Eco...

Still need to try ALL THE INK, eheh... So much ink @-@

Now also need to figure out uhhh, well, what notebook to use and how and aaa...



And aaa

I need to organise my stationery better

At very least maybe get a pen case? Those look pretty nice..

Also just in general need a backpack or some bag or so, that can fit a bunch?

But yeah, need some way to organise all the different writing things (mostly different pens) but in a way to use way. Currently it's all just in one "cup" and it's a mess

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