Can / are you allowed to use Pleroma? @-@'

@saphire I'm ... not clear on what the question is?

People talking negatively about Pleroma aren't really talking about allowing or forbidding anything, they're talking about noticing that the Pleroma community is full of toxic people, from developers to instance admins, and arguing that it's better to avoid the lot of them.

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@packbat that's more or less the question, yeah. Thanks <3

Though uh.. any other good suggestions for an instance software and UI that isn't... Tweetdesk-but-not?

Not exactly my cup of tea :<

@saphire I know that Mastodon's current default UI actually isn't the Tweetdeck wide one - they changed it over in an update at some point

I don't know what server software is out there. uses the Hometown fork of Mastodon.

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@saphire I don't know anything about it but someone just boosted a post about currently in development - a quick scan of the dev's account looks legit

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