Currently making a small thing I always wanted to do... Dotfiles!

Specifically a script and config file format that will deploy things nicely instead of just... silly symlink of everything. The structure of dotfiles shouldn't resemble the structure of the actual destinations, no?


ooh that reminds me of stuff i've been putting off. 😅

i'd use symlinks and include an "include whatever.local" at the end of each generic file. works a treat with my vim cofig repo :) then add a linking script and whatever structure makes sense for the occasion?


Well, pretty much what I am going to. Except I'll overcomplicate it to actually parse all of this stuff, create a pseudo-bytecode/transpiler into bash statements to run... You know, the usual stuff you do when you're bored ^^'

Lua or python though? C would be a bit painful to deal with all of this... Though I could try?


i think haskell has a bash parser/generator library that works rather well, if you're into that kind of thing. (i'm extrapolating from shellcheck being a thing. but shell-monad to generate scripts certainly does exist)


Uhhh. I have never touched haskell. The only thing I know about it is that building any software written in it is a pain for me, my computer... and specifically my RAM. Or was it CPU going full 100%?

I am thinking of Lua still c.c


seems like you've made your choice :} and it'll be nicely portable, too!


Yeah, unless I decide to use something newer than lua5.1 xD

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