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so after my first week of work in this new city: I'm glad i came here, no ragrets

the worst thing about yesterday's pizza is that it's gone now

great to finally be able to wear dresses out in public and not feel weird about it

my matrix home server is sick and thats all I can think about while sitting through this grueling training course

so you wanna watch anime with your long distance polycule but is dead: a how to guide

I made my friend's hat rack better by adding a piranha plant hat to the top

knocking over the stick and getting stuck under a large box because i was too hasty and got lured in by jojo memes

I think the thing that keeps fucking me up most about moving is how I feel like I end up having to do 90% of it alone

tired and gay and moving always makes me want to cry lol.

im fine now, i'm just tired and gay is all

signing a receipt today, i didn't even have to think about using my new name, it just finally came naturally!

Hello! My name is Gorath. I am a wolf-dragon and sometimes a bat. I draw a lot of porn and play video games. I love cooking and clouds. Look at my art! (warning most of my stuff is lewd)

all things considered, they actually got this thing fixed and running pretty quick

lol the train made it like 20 feet outside the station before the engine broke down

Selfie, a bit lewd 

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