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of course i hurt my back the day i have to go meet someone for dinner

y'all check out that queer spin off of harry potter that's all about the birds? 


y'all remember that wild ass meme from the other day where the baby is dancing to that song from the avengers?

main reason i want the new raspberry pi is so i can stream space ghost to more of my friends at once

i really need this week to go well. job hunting is hell.

oh gosh why did i start reading about the secret zoo level

aren't vampires just some kind of neck romancer?

terrible TAS ideas 

@tom hey btw i'm listening to that human error/limitless thing you put up and i'm really digging it!

it's maybe kinda starting to sink in that I live in Chicago now

interviews done and I think it went well. time to wait for a decision

i really hate when i can't find an answer to my programming problem online because that usually means i'm doing something extremely stupid

i still have a bunch of anxieties about it and i still feel like i'm going to fail a lot

so, moved from st louis to chicago on friday. still feels like i'm just visiting but i'm sure that'll fade after a week or two.

why does every drunk old man think they're the most interesting person in the world?

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