I was gonna reboost that old toot but i locked it whoops lol

anyway, i've moved to @rezzish !

#illustration#OC • Jujump

I'm slowly reworking my OCs lately :v this is my fashions-I-like-but-wouldn't-wear oc Juju


same omg. i don't wanna be stickyyy


omg i love jeff minter's style and this looks so amazing

:rw_alpaca: henlo. my name is alpaca 36.
:rw_alpaca: every day, hundreds of alpacas die needless deaths at the hands of raiders.
:rw_alpaca: you can protect them by creating an "indoors" zone and restricting them to it in the event of a raid.
:rw_alpaca: you can make a difference. save an alpaca today.

please, appreciate my dark souls 3 character El Doro (the big dorito)

So everyone at work genders me correctly and since the office is mostly dudes, the girls bathroom is almost always empty. positive experience so far

wow, thanks work tech guy, for fucking up my login when all I wanted was my email signature to generate

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