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your dragon girlfriend


cuddling cute girls is such a good use of mastodon. i'm glad you were in that mood tonight~


why aren't they what the heck is wrong with them

pda, Stardew Valley Show more

oh my gosh i just remembered that i'm free to play path of exile all day again if i really want to!

sometimes i'm like "wow i'm a girl how can things get any better" and then i remember im a DRAGON

i may be cute, but i'm not famous, and that's on you


your ability would be to take all the goddamned powerups


i hated rugrats, why did i watch so much of it

so after my first week of work in this new city: I'm glad i came here, no ragrets

the worst thing about yesterday's pizza is that it's gone now


i'm wearing one i haven't put on since i bought it back in april lol. went to work with it on and it was very nice.

great to finally be able to wear dresses out in public and not feel weird about it

@lunalapin video controls is definitely the main drawback currently

my matrix home server is sick and thats all I can think about while sitting through this grueling training course