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your dragon girlfriend

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I am a slut for queer games. gimme!

i wasn't too sure about the new name i've been thinking of using for myself, but i've been giving it to people at restaurants lately (a name for your order?) and i think i'm kinda getting used to how it sounds out loud. it's a nice way to test out names at least.

Well it took over a year and a half but I finally got pulled over for having expired plates.

switched my laptop's desktop over from cinnamon to xfce and holy shit the difference is like night and day on this old crappy system.

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So apparently I already own the sequel to John dies at the end on Kindle? I must have bought it years ago right before I completely forgot about kindle.

Furry is over. It's time to go home.

Found an old picture of me trying to be cute, no ec

*Dr. Steve Brule Voice* You can be trans too...if you's up to you

for your health

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boss never came in or gave me any tasks to do so i guess i don't have to feel guilty today about not having shit to do?

i hate when i forget my pills before work!

google setting up a sex work service because they already know all of our kinks and they'd be suspiciously good at it

i've sort of stopped using chrome and a bunch of other google products lately, cept on my chromebook i keep in my room, so all google really learns about me now is what kind of porn i look at.

I want a phone app with two "end call" buttons. one is normal but the other adds a "phone slamming down on the hook" noise before cutting.

Hello discord friend request with no mutual servers or friends. Can you please let me know who you are first?

Well I got all the challenges in smash Bros unlocked but now what do I play when I wanna repress my emotions?

I was looking at baby names and wow I sure know a lot of adults who have baby names