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your dragon girlfriend

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My roommate @Gorath just did this cool ass trans rights shirt pic for me!

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I am a slut for queer games. gimme!

at the rail port waiting for my train to take off

So is Octodad a spin off of Fallen London, where a rubbery man finds his way to the surface and raises a normal human family?

hey since i got my matrix server up and running, y'all should message and tell her good job and also that she's cute

in a "whoops i didn't eat today" kinda mood

figured out the automatic certificate provisioning for! All that's left is to eventually find it a more permanent home than a raspberry pi :trogdor:

Tuca and Bertie is like if Broad City was about furries and I'm so here for that

I can be everyone else's dragon girlfriend but who will be MY dragon girlfriend? Asking for a friend.

anyone know enough about setting up a recaptcha to know why it's working on mobile and not desktop?

logging in takes forever though. i definitely want to look at more stable and permanent solutions than a *checks notes* raspberry pi

registered my first user from a remote client! we live in exciting times

i guess i should figure out this sign up page at some point, huh? manually adding new users by command line isn't ideal... is a great name for a queer furry chatroom tbh

omg, after weeks of not knowing what the heck i'm doing, i now have a functional matrix homeserver running off of a raspberry pi!

just casually wearing a dress today cos i'm starting to feel cute 🐉 👗

looking for good queer chatrooms on matrix because all the public ones are full of dinguses

A skeleton is just you in the future

Be the monster girl you wish to see in the world.