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I have picked up Enter the Gungeon again lately and I finally unlocked the “skip level 1” door. And have halfway unlocked the “skip level 2” door as well, though I probably won’t have the requirements to unlock the other half for a long time.

Nether Quartzwing @quartzwing

@anthracite I learned last night that sleepy reflexes mean dying on the first level a lot.

I learned this morning that sleepy reflexes carry through to morning.

_Or maybe_ @imetagon is actually just better at this than I am *grumble grumble* but y'know…

@quartzwing every time you need to reload, dodge. Every time you dodge, reload. Seriously when I’m playing that game there’s a little loop in my brain that counts shots, then semi-automatically hits l1, square. And every time I dodge through an incoming bullet I may as well use that little window of invulnerability to reload.

I also have about twenty years of playing bullet hell games (at a filthy casual level: I will never one-credit a Cave game, I have owned Ikaruga on multiple consoles but never actually finished it) so “be where the bullets are not” is kind of ingrained at a very low level. I’m pretty sure there is a network in my brain optimized solely for analyzing bullet patterns by now.