Oh, good grief.. well, if anyone needed more of a reason to be anywhere else than or, Gargron's turned off the Local and Federated timelines there.

@porsupah ... Wait but what is l-


Oh no, just the "home" timeline? The Twitter experience of "idk anything, idk anyone, how the hell do I get anyone to follow me or find prior to talk to ifI don't already know someone"?


It's baffling! I know he doesn't like those timelines (witness the official app not showing them either, for any instance), but still.. O.o

It's almost like he needs a Christmas Carol-like experience to open his eyes to just /how/ good Local can be (on a non-gigantic instance, anyway) - and Federated can be cool too (on a well-administered instance) for stumbling upon interests and people you might never otherwise meet.

@porsupah I mean, it *is* a good way to counter people congregating on one instance *and* solve temporary site overload at the same time...


He *does* cite it as one of the heavy DB users, and the official instances are getting crushed under the load of 99% of the Musk-fleers ending up there. Sounds like he’s running around trying to do anything he can to keep it from collapsing.


I'd be much more inclined to believe it's a temporary measure had he not come out against Local and Federated by excluding them from the official app, and calling the former a mistake.

I wouldn't be surprised turning off Local and Federated will become an option in a future mainline release. ("Why bother spending more on server costs when you can just turn these timelines off?")

Perhaps I'm being overly suspicious, but, there's form.

Garg reversed his stance on the local timeline in the app today! 


So I think I'm definitely inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt on turning of Local on the project-run instances.

I feel like the utility of the Local timeline is in a tight relationship to how many users a server has. Dragon Style's got about 70 active users this month, out of a total of ~270. Our local timeline is pretty manageable.'s front page says 87.3k active users; its local timeline is a constantly updating stew of multiple languages. It's a completely different scale, well outside of what human minds are prepared to deal with as "a community".

I dunno where the transition happens, I just have two data points to stonedly extrapolate from. I'd bet it's in the several hundreds, when you stop being the size of a village and start being the size of a city. It's GREAT when your instance's active users are about the size of a tribe.

Garg reversed his stance on the local timeline in the app today! 


That's *very* good to see indeed!

Really, m.s shouldn't ever have *become* that gigantic. Sure, it's not bad to know the software scales, but the real strength of the fediverse is that most (except for a couple) instances /are/ only on the tens - few thousands scale, typically with many a couple/few/several dozen active.

I can easily imagine Local and Federated being absurdly busy with such an unwieldy size, but thankfully, that's only the case for part of the fediverse.

Regardless, definitely good news. Still would like Federated in the app, same as every other client - it can be a fun way to bump into old friends, or just spot a question you can help out with; I like that kind of spontaneity.

This is a good kind of size for an instance - similar to, really, where everyone knows everyone else; it's genuinely *social* media. ^_^

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