hello! we're a #queer #yiddish #anarchist pay-what-you-can down to £0 café in glasgow, scotland

the food, the music, and the language is multi-cultural: yiddish, scottish, & more

we run irl and livestreamed queer, jewish, yiddish, and anarchist events

we're an interfaith collective who are mostly queer, mostly trans, many jewish, many goyish, and all anarchists.

sometimes direct action is burning a polis car; sometimes it's feeding people 🍇

אַ מאָל „טאָאָטן“ מיר אויף יִדיש אויך!


@porsupah yes :)

the short version is, the cops dropped it because they had no case and the whole thing was embarrassing for them



Yay! *Very* good to hear. ^_^

True, I suppose "they hurt our feelings" isn't quite the image of authority they're wanting to inculcate. =:)

@porsupah thankfully there's plenty of precedent in the uk for people saying "offensive" things to police or about politicians being protected speech

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