I think people have asked this or something similar before, but: how well do you think the instance admin of the account you're voting on this poll with knows you?

( πŸ” βœ… )

(I think our instance mod would recognize our @ if our post was boosted where they saw it, so we'd probably put ourselves down for "At least vaguely aware of".)

(- πŸŽ’)

@packbat I don't know who you are, I don't think you know who I am, this question is worded confusingly, and I'm not even me so-

@packbat This only ads to my confusion but admittedly my brain is fried. I commend your effort. If you don't mind my asking, what is the rationale behind the poll?

@rosemary One of the things that a lot of fediverse advocates point to as a strength of the platform is that the moderation is socially nearby - an instance is more like a Discord server or a special-interest forum where the admin is a member than either, on the one hand, a commercial web service where the admins are employees of shareholders charged with maintaining the profitability of an asset (e.g. YouTube), or on the other hand, a fannish community project where the admins are a bunch of enthusiasts maintaining a project because they like the idea of it existing (e.g. Archive Of Our Own).

Obviously, though, an instance could easily be the latter - or someone (e.g. the Packbats) might join an instance of someone they're a fan of rather than an acquaintance.

- πŸŽ’

@packbat Wait, isn't @anthracite the admin of Dragon.Style? Am I out of date?

@packbat i feel like the admin probably doesn't know me because I rarely post on local but a lot of the mods do

@systemroot The last question was supposed to say "you", if it helps? We hoped instance admins would tick that one.

@packbat my instance admin did some really cool calligraphy for me that someday I'd like to have for framing

@Mycroft @packbat Aw, thank you, you flatter me. I might still have it somewhere, too, in the mess of boxes xD

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