Got an idea for a change to make to our PICO-8 rain gif cart and it turned into something a little bigger than I anticipated - I like it!

- 🐍 ✨

*posts another of the rain gifs 🐍 made yesterday with the new rain gif generator*

- 🦊

oh yeah, 🐍 made a bunch of rain gifs to post with the new version of the cart!

*shares the next one*

- 🐦

This is one of our favorite color schemes in this version of our Rain Gif PICO-8 cart.

- 🐲 🦊 🎨 🌧️

this is probably the weirdest color scheme in PICO-8 Rain Gif but I think it still works

- 🦊 🐍 πŸ’­ 🌦️

...I think this isn't quite the exact opposite of the previous palette, but it's close.

- 🦊

earworm mention re: rain gif 

@stux Thank you! It's a project we've been working on for a while. :D

- 🐍 ✨

@packbat we're finally covered in a cloud layer of soft, slow drizzle too πŸ’œ

re: earworm mention re: rain gif 

explanation re: earworm mention re: rain gif 

@earlgraytay thank you! I think this last change kind of kicked it up a notch in terms of how sophisticated an effect it is, which is delightful.

- 🐍 ✨

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