tl;dr of the reports of a cop instance going around 

@packbat @undyne this is more then disingenuous. FBI are by no stretch great, but the information is general one way, from the FBI to its members. They provide reports and alerts of malicious hacker activities, human trafficing awareness, and best practices for corporate security amongst other things. This is critical for those of us that work in infosec to protect the networks we're responsible for.

@packbat @undyne As for providing information to the FBI most of us dont. The reporting structure is complicated, many mambers don't have a mature enough security stance to even provide useful Intel. Besides that, providing Intel is 100% voluntary, and there's no reward or incentive program in place to do so. It's not worth our time unless we're already looking at a breach we're going to have to legally report anyway.
Ya'll are getting bent out of shape without doing your research.


@crazypedia You're right that I don't know this field; I think the concern felt by the community is reasonable, given the tone of the toot and given the long history of malfeasance on the part of the FBI when interacting with leftist, civil rights activist, and peace activist movements.

If you end up writing a public blog post or something explaining for layfolk what this system looks like - what part of the FBI is involved, what information that part is allowed to request, what information people in the private sector pass on, what information the FBI passes on, and so forth - DM me and I may well share it? I think that would be more productive than arguing with me in 500-character chunks on here, and more likely to change my mind about anything.

@packbat I will but right now I'm furious seeing fellow infosec friends getting drug through the mud for acting in good faith and full disclosure.

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