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packbat, stretching @packbat

Quick intro to image descriptions on Mastodon:

- Once you have an image added to your toot...
- ...hover over the lower part of the image to reveal the image description box
- Click in there and tell us what you are showing us with the image!
- (It does not have to be super detailed. It should be accurate. Don't use accessibility tools to make jokes, that defeats the purpose.)
- That said, the user interface is kind of terrible and there's a character limit...
- you can also image-describe in the body of the toot or in a reply!

(Aside: the "Crop" thing is about what part of the image the preview should make sure to show - when someone clicks through, they'll see the full image.)

(the sample attached image in my how-to-image-description toot upthread is for anyone who might be curious)