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y'all discord users ought to send an email to them saying you opt out of their arbitration clause in case they ever need sued

if you don't trust me read the eula yourself and decide if not having your right to sue them taken away is worth an email

(or, you know, maybe avoid the service entirely if you're able and willing)

packbat, stretching @packbat

@ky0ko The email I used for my opt-out, in case anyone wants to copy+paste and edit for their own purposes:


Subject: Opt out of provisions in Terms of Service requiring arbitration

I am sending this email as the owner of the account associated with the email address [email] - which, within Gmail, registers as an identical address to the [email] address from which I am sending this message, as described in - to officially opt out of the provisions in the official Discord Terms of Service requiring arbitration in the case of disputes with the platform.

- [wallet name]