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Heads-up: this is a private, personal account. I ask that people @ me before follow-requesting so I find out if I'm comfortable being open in my locked posts in front of them. Please look over my profile and pinned toots and tell me:

- Where you found my account from,
- Who you are, and
- Why you are interested in following.

You need to understand what lets me feel safe and tell me enough about you that I do, but your toot doesn't have to be elaborate as long as it /does/ tell me; "someone boosted one of your toots and your account looks cool - I'm an autistic trans furry too, can I follow" would still likely show enough.

(If you are seeing this pinned toot because I copy+pasted the above into your DMs, thank you - I appreciate your going to this effort.)

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Packbat = a social justice trans gxrl looking for thoughtful musings and pretty art, sharing other people's stuff, and being mentally ill on main (446 words under the cut) Show more

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on what it means when someone lets you know that you messed up (quote, transphobia mention) Show more

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As with most philosophies, this can’t really be proven or disproven; there’s no sense trying to argue someone out of the opinion that Phil is an asshole for not acting the way famous people are supposed to act – or, crucially, for not acting the way *we* would act in his place. This is a popular argument because it’s an argument you can’t lose – no one can empirically prove whether Phil is or isn’t an asshole. What gets elided in this argument is the assumption that famous assholes – people who don’t act the way famous people are *supposed* to act – deserve to be *punished*.

- "This Is Phil Fish", Innuendo Studios,

(Content warnings on the full video for discussion of harassment, insults framed in terms of sexual assault, and bigotry.)

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on promising your account is safe for a marginalized group (364 words) Show more

Gonna go ahead and sign off for the night - peace, fediversaries

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Talk: how the crew of United Airlines 232 (1989) were able to keep 185 people alive after a complete hydraulic failure.

Also, has probably the funniest line of recorded ATC communications that I've ever heard.

"How to crash an airplane – Nickolas Means" [43:12]

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wow this got a lot of attention, huh

um, if you're interested in my stuff i have links on my profile, and i wouldn't mind more people listening to my music at or whatever

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actually i do have one detail and that is that the CFL backlight inverter blew (this picture is after i replaced said inverter, seen on the right)

and i'm super worried that the discharge might've busted something irreplaceable but i can't trace any visible damage anywhere else

if you know where i can get a replacement lcd cable harness for this specific model that would be appreciated too

i've tried wiggling the lcd cable, cleaning contacts in every way possible, and nothing. really would like this to work again. i don't think the panel is bad, it likely is just the cable, but i can't easily test all points for continuity

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hey internet

how would you even begin to troubleshoot this?

model is a toshiba satellite pro 420CDT

i know the issue is the between the video card and the lcd but no idea how it started. i know the video card is ok because vga out is fine

Head's up, Value Village has their 99 cent t-shirt sale today (though I'm not sure if the sale is held on the same date at all locations?). They save their best shirts to put out for this sale, too. I was looking forward to it all year, and I just went there and restocked my wardrobe with t-shirts so wacky that I don't know where I'd have found them otherwise.

409 responses so far. :) It's only open for a week, so all signal boosts are welcome to get it out of the nonbinary bubble!

#trans #nonbinary #gender #survey


Hello! I’m doing another casual survey, this time about identity journeys.

All trans and/or nonbinary people are invited to take part! If you’re not cis, please do take a look.

Thank you!

#trans #nonbinary


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