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Heads-up: this is a private, personal account. I ask that people @ me before follow-requesting so I find out if I'm comfortable being open in my locked posts in front of them. Please look over my profile and pinned toots and tell me:

- Where you found my account from,
- Who you are, and
- Why you are interested in following.

You need to understand what lets me feel safe and tell me enough about you that I do, but your toot doesn't have to be elaborate as long as it /does/ tell me; "someone boosted one of your toots and your account looks cool - I'm an autistic trans furry too, can I follow" would still likely show enough.

(If you are seeing this pinned toot because I copy+pasted the above into your DMs, thank you - I appreciate your going to this effort.)

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Packbat = a social justice trans gxrl looking for thoughtful musings and pretty art, sharing other people's stuff, and being mentally ill on main (446 words under the cut) 

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on what it means when someone lets you know that you messed up (quote, transphobia mention) 

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As with most philosophies, this can’t really be proven or disproven; there’s no sense trying to argue someone out of the opinion that Phil is an asshole for not acting the way famous people are supposed to act – or, crucially, for not acting the way *we* would act in his place. This is a popular argument because it’s an argument you can’t lose – no one can empirically prove whether Phil is or isn’t an asshole. What gets elided in this argument is the assumption that famous assholes – people who don’t act the way famous people are *supposed* to act – deserve to be *punished*.

- "This Is Phil Fish", Innuendo Studios,

(Content warnings on the full video for discussion of harassment, insults framed in terms of sexual assault, and bigotry.)

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on promising your account is safe for a marginalized group (364 words) 

gonna try to go to bed - g'night, fediversaries πŸ’š

In the heavenly marshlands you read to Velva C., a miserable artificial intelligence.

German police union site hacked 

fundraising, general expenses (boost with CW) 

Asking for Financial Aid :boost_ok:​ 

I did a detailed privacy check of the Tiktok app and website. You can read my article Γ¦t SΓΌddeutsche Zeitung. Tiktok commits multiple breaches of law, trust, transparency and data protection. Here are the technical and legal details
Long thread‡️

Is there anyone here who bikes and would be willing to answer a few questions for a paper I’m writing?

LBs - - has me thinking idly about what music I'd like to lucky-ten-thousand ( ) for people, should it come up.

Probably Tracy Chapman (because I love her music) and Joni Mitchell (because I grew up surrounded by her songwriting) - and I guess The Who and Paul Simon and probably Dire Straits?

I guess this is a blanket offer of YouTube links for anyone who has never heard of one or more of these artists/bands, and I'll try to pick out "this is why [artist/band] is important to me" tracks for you. No obligation to take me up on it or to like or even try anything I suggest.

*looks at folders of old MP3s on zir hard drive*

...gosh, I guess I should maybe include R.E.M. and The Police, too? No promises but I'll try.

to be clear, I don't mean "don't be angry," I mean

the response to this stuff is so often just people being mean and empty and hollow

Literally: Find a way to engage with the world that is BETTER than that.

i wish the response to a prominent young person not knowing about culture from literal multiple decades before they were born was, like

"let's spend the day sharing the music we want young people to know about"

instead of it all being focused on old idiots being angry assholes

furry trashpost/PSA 

asking for help, $ 

a very im-KORPS-tant announcement 

a very im-KORPS-tant announcement 

question: do the terms "plural / plural system" and "multiple / multiple system" mean the same thing to you?

(feel free to boost and/or explain the difference to me)

**suddenly wolves are everywhere**
It’s good that you exist
You existing is a good thing
It’s as simple as that, you don’t have to do anything special to deserve that
Wolves are glad that you exist

Sorry the gending machine is out and doesn't get restocked until friday

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