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Heads-up: this is a private, personal account. I ask that people @ me before follow-requesting so I find out if I'm comfortable being open in my locked posts in front of them. Please look over my profile and pinned toots and tell me:

- Where you found my account from,
- Who you are, and
- Why you are interested in following.

You need to understand what lets me feel safe and tell me enough about you that I do, but your toot doesn't have to be elaborate as long as it /does/ tell me; "someone boosted one of your toots and your account looks cool - I'm an autistic trans furry too, can I follow" would still likely show enough.

(If you are seeing this pinned toot because I copy+pasted the above into your DMs, thank you - I appreciate your going to this effort.)

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Packbat = a social justice trans gxrl looking for thoughtful musings and pretty art, sharing other people's stuff, and being mentally ill on main (446 words under the cut) Show more

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on what it means when someone lets you know that you messed up (quote, transphobia mention) Show more

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As with most philosophies, this can’t really be proven or disproven; there’s no sense trying to argue someone out of the opinion that Phil is an asshole for not acting the way famous people are supposed to act – or, crucially, for not acting the way *we* would act in his place. This is a popular argument because it’s an argument you can’t lose – no one can empirically prove whether Phil is or isn’t an asshole. What gets elided in this argument is the assumption that famous assholes – people who don’t act the way famous people are *supposed* to act – deserve to be *punished*.

- "This Is Phil Fish", Innuendo Studios, youtube.com/watch?v=PmTUW-owa2

(Content warnings on the full video for discussion of harassment, insults framed in terms of sexual assault, and bigotry.)

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on promising your account is safe for a marginalized group (364 words) Show more

gonna go to bed

be well, fediversaries

wind to your wings if you want

Can anyone recommend a free lightweight CSV editor? I'm really not fond of using OpenOffice because it's not terrific on performance lmao, and it doesn't really like working with CSV files on a day to day basis

(Currently I'm leaning towards "don't give the rubbish free publicity for being rubbish - it's not even that exceptionally rubbish".)

If people say an article is asinine, you read it, you judge it to be just as fatuous as they say it is, and everyone else who read it in the thread agrees that it's a load of nonsense...

...should you post a link to it for more people to waste their time and free Atlantic article links on, or just move on with your life?

Asking for a me.

PICO-8 Lua programming (brief all caps) (203 words) Show more

+you sincerely, truly, absolutely do not need to draw super good to make good looking comics. you don't. that's a lie. good art is fun, but good art that doesn't communicate what's supposed to be depicted is BAD COMICS, and bad art that communicates well is GOOD ART AND COMICS

Stumbled over "Nothing to Say" recently on itch.io and it's really cute! celia14.itch.io/nothing-to-say

You play a tongue-tied person on a date, and you can only say things that you've unlocked the letters for ... but the person you're on a date with is nice and supportive and positive? It's frustrating not to be able to speak much but it felt to me like she was really accepting of however much or little I could say.

Reading Sarah Lamdan's critique of the Data Rescue efforts, and I really think the idea of doing archives as rescue missions is one of the most poisonous ideas within the larger archives discourse (see also: the disproportionate amount of media attention Jason Scott gets). It distracts us from doing the work of the politics around records and archives, which is less sexy but critical to preventing breakdowns of public trust scholarship.law.upenn.edu/penn

At CEU, for the opening of its medieval department in Vienna, part of their move away from Budapest due to pressure from Orban.

Some great talks especially on the need to teach informal and lower register Latin to help deconstruct the traditional view of Latin as solely comprising the elite "high" language and other registers simply being "incorrect", which ends up basically importing Roman social stratification into our own view of their history.

#historodons #history

Today I got to see leaves swirle in smol spontaneous minitornadoes, so it was a good day

me: I should check off something from my YouTube "Watch Later" playlist, but I don't want to watch something that needs my focus.

me: oh, hey, here's a musical piece I saw mentioned a while ago - that'll do nicely.

Ben Johnston: youtube.com/watch?v=Wp7VjBtOJ7

me: ... *shamefacedly puts it back on my "Watch Later" list for when I can focus on it*

Anyone know any good apps for learning conversational Hmong? uTalk has Somali and Oromo, but I couldn't find any apps that worked for Hmong. Boosts appreciated.

happy #asexualawarenessweek

did you know that not only am i ace, i love being ace and have no desire to change that? because it's who i am and i'm not broken? it's true! c:

"All humans are misfits," the alien said.
The barman, an Australian, smiled. "Really? Ever been to Earth?"
"Never. But all humans I've met have been."
"Only two kinds of human out here. Those who travel from, and those who travel to."
"Well, the rest don't travel."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Hot Pol Take, not my dadgum comrades Show more

Hot Pol Take, not my dadgum comrades Show more