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I had the honor of helping @odinsdream make a fursona! This was an awesome job because her ideas all aligned exactly with what I like to draw anyway. Thanks again for commissioning me!!

#mastoart #commission

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talk like a pirate day 

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“If your website is full of assholes, it’s your fault.” - Anil Dash

I was pretty happy when I went down this list. How many things on it are you doing, fellow people?

(I’m not hiring anyone to help watch this place but I’m also deliberately keeping it SMALL so I don’t have to.)

@anthracite this reading led me to start some shit on Facebook

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I just saw the names of all the latest iPhones written out in normal text: the Xs, Xs Max, and Xr.

Is it just me or do those look like proposals for non-binary pronouns? "Xs Max pulled down xr visor and kicked xr gravcycle into noisy life. Xs had a job to do."

Help me tarot, you're my only hope

Thanks as always to @anthracite for this marvelous creation

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turning everyone into a cow so they stop making milk jokes

Hey I'm looking for an artist who can illustrate a fursona for me, if you know someone who's open for commissions let me know!

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this weekend's furry masto drama and my official response as the admin of 

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You really thought cooking that 10-gallon pot of beans was a good idea and I'm just so impressed with you

@odinsdream shoutout to my camp neighbor who came in a Budget rental van in which was an above-ground pool that he had filled at an Outback Steakhouse you were so high

Honestly burning man is full of radness despite how it's been fucked up continuously by bros and problematic shit it's kind of just bizarre energy and I wanna go with my whole queer family somehow

Sometimes I think about when I was at burning man and there were some steampunk hanging pods of salt water and you could get into them with an isolation helmet and just drift there as this spectacle of meditation and honestly: mood

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Figuring out sex all over again is wacky and cool

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