Shadowbringers spoiler / FFIV reference 

Sometimes I'm just like, I love our cats, but whoa we have a lot of cats. Like this isn't even all of them

I mentioned this cat was smart, right? The moogle saw him pick up the kitty brush and brush his own face with it.

He used a tool, for its intended use.

Also he's our biggest cat already, and still far from growing into his ears. We keep saying we're so lucky he's so chill and tolerant...

I just found what's behind Ditto's "natural form".

Truth is, they were imitating a Poke Bean all along. Ditto has no natural form

ffxiv, extremely vague post-StB spoiler 

I would not have predicted that adding MORE cats to the household would help the tension between Sonyaaa and Flamel sooo much, but it does.

So we've all just kinda been... welp. Mikleo can stay.

FFXIV, FFVI reference 

soft cat 

firm cats 

I really miss vintage suitcases. When I was a li'l kitten, my mom and I had matching blue ones-- mine was smol; they were probably a set.

I thought someday I would grow up and have a big one like hers. The world changed, and I did not. So many things are like that-- in a wider metaphorical sense, but also just, objects. Maybe some of why I don't feel like an adult is that the world I expected to grow up into simply isn't here anymore.

Anyway, I found one at an antique store and I adore it, but for car trips only. There is already some wear and tear on it and I don't trust the airlines not to destroy it, and then I couldn't get another one like it.

...Sulpher omake.

This is the only pic she let me take where you can see any of her features.

Saw this on the table and I was just like, "That's beautiful. Please tell me you bought it to put water in."

"Established 1981" just makes me feel weird because I was established in 1981. Is that supposed to be a long time ago?

(It's okay, chocolates. I too am only pretending to be famous.)

You guys, this official Pusheen tote bag

1) Cost $2 USD

2) 100% of the proceeds go to charity. That's kinda suspicious and I know nothing about the validity of this charity; I bought it because Pusheen is cute.

3) It's not too high quality and I'm gonna reinforce the stitching, but like I said

4) $2 Pusheen tote bag.

Attempted pizza burglar Mikleo was caught white-pawed and unrepentant in the act of biting pizza crust this evening.

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