what if i were sleeby. what if i did an entire flop across your timed lines like a snorlax


what if i sleeped for months or even years and critters were like. oh yeah thats the sleeby dragon, you just gotta go around it

and like, moss and plants and stuff started growing on my back

@azowoza a world where there are dragons you have to detour around. trickster raccoons in the bushes but they don't really do harm unless you harm them first. geese carrying messages between faraway lands


Sometimes dragns gotta do a big ol' sleeby.

Let folks know that it's good luck to give sleeping dragons gentle snout rubs or offerings of tasty snacks to help produce sweet dreams.

...and that woe betide the fool who dares awaken the dragon before the dragon wishes. *nod*

@monsterblue And when you wake up there is a small kobold-made windmill in front of your nostrils.

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