Help Cobalt Get A Safe Home fundraiser

I know y'all are broke folks, but if you could boost this that'd be great. 💙

I'm trying to escape from a stressful/sometimes verbally abusive home situation, because having to keep falling back on my shitty defenses and bad coping mechanisms is keeping me from working on my boundary issues and just generally becoming the person that I want to be.

My escape plan is to get a cheap van conversion and live in that, but even the cheapest vans are more than I have money for, and I'm disabled enough that it's very hard for me to earn money. Still, I found a van that I really love, and I'd love to be able to get it.

Please help a Black, indigenous, homeless, or home-insecure person first! I don't feel emotionally safe but I am not physically insecure, and I have food. I'm just trying to reach for a life that feels like more than survival.

re: Help Cobalt Get A Safe Home fundraiser 

whoa holy shit you all already boosted me a lot?? thank you so much :dragncrysmile:

re: Help Cobalt Get A Safe Home fundraiser, (+) thoughts 

I can tell that this is the right move for me because I genuinely get excited just planning for it. I've not been excited about many things lately, so when something does get through and makes me feel actually empowered, it's noticeable.

And I think that's the key for me right now. Empowerment=motivation. I don't feel motivated to do most stuff right now because it won't move me towards having a safe space.

I'm thinking about what setups I can do in a van to accommodate Nara: I'm thinking of reclining the passenger seat all the way back, and setting up a light mesh around it so he can have that space for his enclosure. Something that clips or ties on and can be torn down easily, but that will keep him in an enclosed area while I'm driving.

Hopefully there's no airbag in the passenger seat. That could be a problem.

The main concern other than that is going to be setting up heat lamps that don't swing/rattle when driving...

In terms of location, I'll probably stick around the south US for Nara's sake. Considering trying Slab City for a while, though it may not fit the "quiet" desire. Or WWOOFing.

thank you SO MUCH for all your donations you absolute lovelies

I cherish every one of you in my weird, draconic way. Your kindness will not go unnoticed.

And to those of you who can't donate, but have sent messages of kindness: you are equally cherished.

re: Help Cobalt Get A Safe Home fundraiser 

@monsterblue I mean

"not physically insecure but not emotionally safe" was where we were at before we escaped from our parents, and there was _shit_

Help Cobalt Get A Safe Home fundraiser 


I don't have an income right now Cobalt but I'm rooting for you as hard as I can :dragnheart: It's good to see ya have a plan to get out

Help Cobalt Get A Safe Home fundraiser 

@Metaph Thank you, my friend. :dragnheart:

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