And this, kids, is why blocking alt-right-tolerating instances and moderating alt-right bullshit on sight is necessary:

tl;dr the playbook is:
1. create an account reposting popular conservative content
2. every once in a while drop-in a far-right meme, take it down after backlash (this measures the temperature)
3. once the follower numbers and temperature are right, go all-in on far-right stuff (and get banned, but also redpill a bunch of normies)
4. rinse, repeat.

@rysiek you know, I wonder if this tactic could be used to bring liberals over to the left, but with facts instead of lies

start with ordinary socdem stuff, slip in a little bit of more radical stuff (both about inherent injustice in our system and your typical guillotine billionaires/trebuchet TERFs kind of stuff), and then just ramp it up after a while

@bhtooefr @rysiek the author mentions the same thing at the end of the article, fwiw: "Swapping normie meme accounts into political content is an effective tactic. Anyone can use it. But instead of extreme-right content, one might choose to show declining rates of union membership, the divergent trendlines of productivity and wages, or the unprecedented upward drift of wealth in the past 40 years."


re: combating fascist bullshit 

re: combating fascist bullshit 

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