me: searching for rigged dragn avatars that give a Me vibe, for vr, facerig/animaze, whatever

the internet: realistic avatars! scan in your Human Photo and be your Human Self everywhere online!

me: no that is. literally the opposite of what I

like on the one hand, it's super neat that we can convert a photo into a properly rigged avatar like that

and on the other, it is less than useless when the whole point is wanting a different avatar than the one you were assigned at birth


Ugh, and those tools are such a Facebook-era attitude about using one's real face and real name everywhere on the Internet. I miss the 1990s Usenet attitudes about using one's real face and real name on the Internet, which were the firm conviction that it wasn't safe to use either of those online except in professional/academic settings, plus "on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog."

@frameacloud @monsterblue meanwhile in 2021: on the internet, everybody should know I'm a dragon


do you want the links for sites we look through?

@Jnetwork I'll always take links!

Right now I have the frustrated feeling that someone has already made the perfect sculpt, but it's not rigged. I dunno how difficult it is to rig a sculpt after it's been made....

@monsterblue is a source for vrchat avatars, so they're all rigged (a rigged dragon model, although it's not set up for any specific game)
rigging is just plain hard, but it's done after sculpting

@monsterblue i don't use pictures of my humansona anywhere except for linkedin or when i'm forced to by rules (security badge at my old work, etc)

@monsterblue Go check out @tokyozilla@birdsite 's avatars, there's some good draggies there.

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